5 Foods To Boost Immunity During Winters!

With winters just around the corner, you will require immunity boosting foods to ward off any signs of flu or fever that might be licking around the corner. Thankfully, a range of immunity boosting foods are present in our homes.
Below are listed five such immunity boosters that you should be having this winters.

1. GarlicFoods for immunity in Winter - Garlic

Every home has garlic and judicious use of the same can ward off any impending flu during the harsh winter months. It is naturally anti viral and anti bacterial and will help you boost your immunity if taken on a regular basis. Garlic is known to have curative properties in cases of high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases and can also have curative impact in cases of cancer.

2. Pumpkin SeedsFoods for immunity in Winter - Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is a good source of zinc and therefore is a necessary winter food. Zinc is known to have immunity boosting material and therefore promotes functioning of thymus glands. With regular use of pumpkin seeds, production of infection fighting white blood cells also increases. This promotes anti-viral properties and therefore your immune system remains healthy if you take pumpkin seeds on a regular basis.

3. Herbs and SpicesFoods for immunity in Winter - Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are a vital part of everyday food and including the same in your food during winter months boosts the immunity levels. Adding turmeric to rice is a good idea of keeping flu away during the months and alternatively, you can also try grating ginger into stir fries that you might be taking.

4. KiwiFoods for immunity in Winter - Kiwi

Kiwi is a healthy fruit and can be taken during any part of the year with winters being no exception. If you eat only two kiwis a day, you will be taking 160 mg of vitamin C which will help you fight cough and cold. The immune response is enhanced by intake of vitamin C and as production of white blood cells and antibodies is increased. Connective tissues and cell membranes are also strengthened and viruses find it difficult to enter the human body.

5. CocoaFoods for immunity in Winter - Cocoa

The immune system can get a big boost by eating a few cocoa beans every day. However, if you are tempted to have chocolates to get your daily dose of cocoa, you will not benefit much. Chocolates have more sugar and less of cocoa. It would be beneficial to have raw beans instead as these are rich in flavonols and the intake of the same is likely to boost your immunity. You should avoid intake of sugar if you are fighting some cold condition during the winter months. Studies have found that use of sugar can have a detrimental effect on the immune activities and can increase the chance of your falling prey to any flu or fever.

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