5 Differences Between The Person You Marry And The One You Date

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It is said that marriages are made in heaven. True howsoever it might be, you can consider yourself a lucky person if you marry the same person you dated and adored always. However, if you are among those who have had an arranged marriage with a romantic past with someone else, comparisons between the two situations are but normal at a certain point.
You will certainly find that there are some differences between the person you married and the one you had dated.couple pictures

1.) The One You Dated Never Compromised

Your spouse on the other hand is much different. In a marriage compromises are natural but such a thing does not happen in a relationship. When you were in a relationship, you would have never agreed, had put your foot down on certain things and walked away too.
This however does not happen in marriage and though you might disagree with your spouse on certain things, you would certainly agree to their point of view after a certain time.

2.) You Felt Enchanted

In a relationship, you could go to any level to convince your partner of something you wished and wanted. You would do anything to make them smile, even though you knew that it was superficial.
However, this does not happen with the person whom you marry. You might disagree on certain things and would sit down with them to find an amicable solution that lasts long rather than looking for short term gains.

couple picture3.) Flaws Were Always Ignored

You might have felt surprised when your partner made you aware of some of the flaws that they find in you. This might have made you think that the person you dated once never pointed out such flaws. This is because of the fact that they never wanted to make you feel bad, for the fear that you might leave them.

Things are however different in marriage and your partner will always let you work on your flaws so that you improve and become a better person.

4.) They Were A Selfish Lot

You might not like it but is true. The person you dated were selfish lot and they did not think twice before asking you for a dinner date irrespective of the fact that it can have an effect on your financial budget.

They did not think twice before asking for costly gifts. This however does not happen in a marriage and your spouse cares for your every need and still keeps you happy.

5.) They Eventually Stopped Loving You

Yes, it did happen else things would have been different for you. They eventually stopped loving you and differences did creep up which led to relationship breaking up. In a marriage however things are much different and difference of opinion is discussed and a way out is always found so that things do not go to the level that partners split up.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and howsoever difference your spouse might have with you, in the end they will sit and sort out things, so that the relationship flourishes.

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