45 Things You Must Do Before You Step Into Your 20’s


Life is full of happiness and challenges at the same time and the best happens to you when you learn the trick of maintaining a balance between the two. Here are few tips that you should prepared with before you enter into your 20’s.

Things to do before turning 201. Learning how to drive and go for a bike drive around the city.

2. Owning a pet and taking care of it all by you.

3. Getting almost addicted to amazing Belgian chocolates.

4. Trying to have coffee at least once a week.

5. Learning to cook a lot more than just eggs and noodles.

6. Giving free day to your mom and making lunch and dinner all by yourself.

7. Opening a Champagne on your parent’s anniversary or other special occasion and sharing with everyone.

8. Trying a new dish once a week.

9. Organizing your room and study table.

10. Managing your wardrobe perfectly so that clothes don’t keep popping out every minute.

11. Exploring your city to the core and visiting all those places you always wanted check out.

12. Learning to make your loved ones feel special. Do something to make them even happier sometimes.

13. Traveling to a beach city or going on a trek.

Trekking, Enjoying the Trek

14. Trying to earn a living to pay your bills and save so that you can travel once more without begging your parents to lend you money.

15. Start reading novels now.

16. Decorating your walls with inspiring images and quotes.

17. Exploring new restaurants in town.

18. Going for clubbing.

19. Kissing a totally new person at your friend’s birthday bash but being prepared that you would never see them again. Never get emotionally attached to them.

20. Enjoying online chatting.

21. Trying video dating and becoming a master in it.

22. Expressing your emotions first, go straight and tell them that you are attracted to them.

23. Talking to people who have had their breakups. Comforting them.

24. Always listen to the advice of your elders.

25. Sticking to one TV show and spending your entire weekend in watching them.

26. Chatting with your mates all night long.

27. Watching whole set of new movies over the weekend.

28. Being available for your friends even at midnight.

29. Sharing your views on movies and TV shows with your friends.

30. Becoming confident and mature to handle heartbreaks.

31. Helping your friends to come out of their heartbreaks.

32. Preparing for interviews with your family and friend’s support.

33. Teasing your siblings.

34. Attending live concerts with your buddies.

35. Giving a call to your grandparents and parents after a long while.

36. Considering that you are still a young kid.

37. Considering that you are a grown up.

38. Being happy spending time alone.

39. Building good physic by exercising.

40. Being positive and prepared for tomorrow.

41. Being high on your energies.

42. Enjoying rain and getting wet into it without an umbrella.

43. Feeling happy staying single.

44. Taking up new opportunities and challenges.

45. Learning to love yourself.


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