30 Learning I Learnt By The Time I Was 30

Age teaches a lot to any person. As you grow, you learn a lot of things which you might have perceived to be of much relevance in your college days.

I do what I want, live life, freedom, happiness

30. I learnt to have fun and enjoy life by the time I turned 30. This was something seriously missing in younger days.

29. I stopped believing that I was not too smart to accomplish any job at hand.

28. I stopped focussing on future. Instead, I began pursuing my passions and started taking time out for family and friends.

27. I realized the fact that life does not give you all that you want. You should be happy in what you have.

26. I learnt to forgive people who did bad to me. This is a great way of achieving satisfaction and being happy in life.

25. I learnt how to apologize and seek forgiveness for all the wrong I did.

24. I fell in love again when I was 30. The relation lasted long as one tends to develop understanding on sensitive matters by this age.

23. I started exercising by the time I turned 30. This should have been done much earlier but I realized it only when things started turning nasty in terms of health.

22. I developed the technique to be in a relaxing mode, even when deadlines had to be met.

21. I finally started using sunscreen and stopped smoking. Not sure if this habit will last long.

20. I started feeling happy on most days and did not limit the happiness instinct to some special days only.

19. I started being happy alone on some days too. This was not possible in college days when every day I sought company of someone alongside.

18. I realized that money can’t buy you happiness. It is the love and gratitude of your dear ones that you need the most.

17. I stopped fearing failure by the time I turned 30. Failures are temporary and one should never be afraid of them. Life is much beyond any failure.

16. I started taking risks which I would not have done when in 20’s. At the most I would fail.

15. I found that life was much beyond the fact that I could not marry the person I always aspired to be with.

14. I found ways to get over depression and move ahead in life.

13. I stopped running away from life and developed the courage to face every challenge in life upfront.

12. I stopped comparing myself with others. Every person is unique in himself or herself and I realized this when I turned 30.

11. I started admiring my friends and spending time with them on weekends.

10. I developed the ability of identifying good friends from the lot of friends I had in college. Every person you meet is not your friend and I realized this by the age of 30.

9. I accepted the fact that sorrow and happiness will come to me in my lifetime.

8. I accepted the fact that my parents did their best for me in all their capability and capacity.

7. I started making earnest efforts to make my life better for myself and all those in my life.

6. I accepted the fact that my job did not define me. The thing which mattered was that I was doing the things that I always aspired to do.

5. I accepted that fact that I could not keep everyone in good spirit all the while. Things and situations were to change and they did, all the while.

4. I accepted the fact that God existed in everything good I did, howsoever small the effort was.

3. Good and bad things do not happen to me only. It is time and circumstances that shape the course of events and all of us are part of the same only.

2. I started taking more risks in life and ventured into areas which I feared in my college days.

1. I stopped caring about what others thought about me. It was my life that mattered the most to me and I started loving myself to the core.


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