25 Unusual Things in Girls That Makes Men Go Crazy!


1. That girl who doesn’t have a Twitter handle or a Facebook account probably means she is not that socially active and so won’t be having many options around.

2. She has a chaotic room and you just love the piles of clothes kept on the couch or bed. Her room is in total mess.

3. You love the belly she carries all around. Fluffiness is what you have always been craving for.

4. She loves looking at her hands all the times. With her hand gestures, you get even more attracted to her.

5. Girls who know how to carry her while enjoying wearing fedoras.

6. Being virgin in not necessarily a trend these days still if she is trying to save herself for the marriage, you find it really cute and impressive. She might not be one, at least she is trying to live with such beliefs, the way you have.

7. Those who are tom boy kinds and can actually catch a bottle standing far away, are kind of talents that you are looking for.

8. She doesn’t know how to give a good lip job and you would love to teach her.

9. Girls who laugh loudly. They can annoy people easily. Carefree yet conscious drives your attention.

10. Bouncy long hair.

11. Cute lips.

12. Sexy boobs.

13. Girls who are not so girly. These are tom boy girls who love batman more than power puff girls.

14. Those with jumbled teeth. Their tooth won’t be positioned straight at all.

15. Smokers are really attractive. Guys are fond of girls who smoke regularly or occasionally. It’s not necessary that these guys might be addicted to smoking but they love smoker girls.

16. Girls with good sarcasm. She would let you know in few minutes if you should stay there or leave right away.

17. Little awkward kind of chicks who are uncomfortable, most of the time.

18. Big nose.

19. Baby teeth.

20. Girls who are ready to split the bill every time you go out, a casual dinner or a date may be. Let’s be fair.

21. Left Handed.

22. Girls with big ears so that they hold most of her ears behind.

23. Girls without waist bones. Well, girls think that guys love waist bones and they strive hard to get one but actually, many girls don’t like girls with waist bones. So, get a sexy belly and hide them to look more attractive.

24. Military ladies. Some camouflage on her makes her look extremely hot and attractive.

25. Girls without collar bones.


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