24 Things You Must Do To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

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Relationships expect lots of efforts from both sides. A person needs to put in lot many efforts when it comes to relationship because it works that ways.

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1. Rid yourself from fantasies

They work well in movies only. Reality is way different. Do expect them to perform like an actor or actress, let them be their natural selves.

2. Grow up & be adaptive

Fighting over tiny issues doesn’t look good at your age. Be mature enough to handle the situation without being argumentative. Adapt to situations.

3. Forgive and leave things aside

Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive quickly and be happy.

4. Let that faith stay

So what if he works and hangouts with other girls, have faith and be confident that he loves you more than others.

5. Travel and spend time together

Travelling gives you time to think. While you are away from the daily course of activities, you realize the essence of your relationship. Spend time together, travel as much you can.

6. Spend time with yourself

It is always better to have your space.

7. Give them their space

It’s always better to give them their desired space.

8. Diversify your social circle, have friends around

Do not restrict yourself from the outside world. Confining yourself to any limits will just spoil things. Have friends, spend time and enjoy with them too.

9. Self awareness is must

Without or less knowledge is always bad. Never draw conclusions without getting into the details of the situation.

10. Accept and admit your mistake

This acceptance will take you a long way.

11. Celebrate small or big occasions like an appraisal

Get your girl a bunch of flowers or a piece of cake on special small occasions like you could finish your project on time or you just got a promotion.

12. Give surprises to each other

Surprises make your day. Spare time to plan some for your loved one.

13. Support each other and encourage for better opportunities

Competition in relationship kills the beauty of it. Help your partner achieve their goals.

14. Share everything but you can keep secrets too, it’s totally fine.

Never keep secrets.

15. Be open to talk about sex or personal issues

Talk about everything you can. Personal issues or issues relating to sex are just a matter of close comfortable discussions generally. Discuss and find out a solution.

16. Treat each other as equals

Both of you are equal. If she is cooking, you must handle the dishes after dinner.

17. Stop criticizing! Give solutions for everything you can.

You can’t get better than what you are while criticizing your partner. Rather find out a solution to the issues arousing day by day.

18. Respect and give compliments to each other.

Giving and getting compliments helps in handling stress occurring from other difficult situations. Don’t forget, our mind remembers happy moments than sad ones, obviously the timing matters.

19. Be social with each other’s friends.

Accept their friends.

20. Know when to stay quite.

Mind your tongue at the right moments.

21. Accept each other’s passion.

Be supportive to your partner’s passion.

22. Have family gatherings too.

Do plan parties or social gatherings together.

23. Manage your finances well.

Money matters are extremely important, plan before the start of every month. Manage carefully to survive better.

24. Always be thankful for what they do for you.

Always appreciate everything your partner does for you. They love you and do everything in their capacity to give you comfort and to make you happy.

Love and relationship last long only if both partners are supportive to each other. Always be careful about minute day to day situations and issues. Resolving them, then and there will help your relationship last longer.


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