21 Signs That Show You Are A Part Of Your Best Friend’s Family

love them, family hug, best friend's family loves you, they are always there, always there

You are close to them and they love you too. Here are 21 signs that show you are an important part of your best friend’s family and can be with them any time:

1. Entering the house any moment seems normal

Entering the house, entering your best friend's house any time

2. They won’t ask, your plate is ready on the table

Dinner with your best friend's family

3. You can enjoy eating, sleeping or drinking at their home

Eating, drinking and relaxing, Best friend's place

4. Your another pair of clothes is already at their place, in case you plan to stay for a night

Sleepover at your best friend's place

5. You sleep area is already decided, no one can get in there

Fighting over sleep area

6. But you want to try another place this time

want to try new place

7. You are babysitting often when they have to be out for a party

baby sitting at your best friend's place

8. Everyone in their family are well aware about your good/bad habits

bad habits, best friend's family is aware of it

9. You help in managing many things at their house, at times

Helping at home, helping in washing clothes

10. At every celebration, you are the first guest on the guest list

top at guest list, best friend's party

11. You are well introduced to their extended families, everyone knows you pretty well

knowing everyone, you are introduced to your best friend's family

12. They have a right to scold you too, just like your parents do

they can scold you, scolding

13. Even their parents know what you love to wear

love to wear, best friend's parents know what you love to wear

14. And their parents celebrate your achievements too

celebrations, celebrating with your best friend's family

15. You love to stay with them than spending a boring day at your place

spending day, best friend's family

16. They have seen you experimenting with your hair and style

experimenting with your hair, colored hair, colorful hair

17. Many times, you are involved in family fights and decisions

sorting issues, sorting family issues

18. They are well aware about the guy/girl you’re dating

dating, they know who are you dating with, Best friend's family

19. You often join them during outings too

family outings, join them at family outings

20. They are always there when you need the most

love them, family hug, best friend's family loves you, they are always there, always there

21. As they are just like your another family

second family, best friend's family is just like second family, family love, family, closed ones, loved ones

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