21 Mysterious Pictures From Past That Will Blow Your Mind

History often keeps revolving around us forcing us to dig things from past. What happened in past, how things were then are common questions that keep coming in our minds every now and then. And if you ever get to see the visuals of such places, nothing’s better than that. We too found some glimpses from past and thought of sharing with the world. Here are they:

1. Warplane Used During Japanese WWII Can Be Seen Under The Shallow Water In Guam


2. 70 Year Old Ghost Ship 

70-year-old ghost ship discovered



3. An Abandoned Mill In Sorrento, Italy, Established In 1866


historical places, abandoned places, An Abandoned Mill of Sorrento, Italy,


4. Mysterious Staircase Going Into The Ocean, Atlantis. Dublin, Ireland

Mysterious Staircase Going Into The Ocean, Atlantis. Dublin, Ireland


5. Overgrown Ruins Around The Flooded Celtic Castle

The overgrown ruins of a flooded Celtic castle


6. U.S. Route 50

This road is also regarded as the loneliest road of America which is quite scary at times.

U.S. Route 50


7. Jesus Statue Found Under The Sea Near Malta

Jesus Statue Found Under The Sea Near Malta, Statue of Jesus under sea


8. A WWII Allied Aircraft Lost During War Was Found In New Guinea

Lost WWII allied aircraft in New Guinea


9. An Abandoned Train Track

Abandoned train track


10. Sunken Ships At Bermuda Triangle

Sunken Ships At Bermuda Triangle


11. Mysterious & Abandoned Lake Village Of Hungary 

Mysterious & Abandoned Lake Village Of Hungary


12. Castle In Lake Garda, Italy

Castle In Lake Garda, Italy


13. Hotel Del Salto In Colombia

This hotel was built in the year 1928 for tourists visiting Tequendama Falls. After the water of the waterfall became contaminated, this hotel lost its charm and so was abandoned.

The Hotel del Salto, Colombia


14. Leftovers Of WWII: Abandoned Cars In Ardennes, Left By Servicemen Of U.S.  

Abandoned cars in the Ardennes, left by U.S. servicemen after WWII


15. An Abandoned Old Ferrari Found in The Desert Of Arizona

Abandoned, old Ferrari in the Arizona desert


16. 102 Year Old Abandoned Ship Around Sea Side



17. An Abandoned Highway With Road Painted In Graffiti

An Abandoned Highway With Road Painted In Graffiti


18. An Abandoned Tree House No One Wanted To Live In

Abandoned treehouse


19. Green Lake, Austria

It is actually a dry park during winters which turns into a 10ft deep lake during summers.

Green Lake in Austria


20. An Abandoned Amusement Park

This was built during 1950s and was shut in 2002

Abandoned amusement park


21. Graveyard in Wales Under The Water 

Underwater Graveyard in Wales

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