21 Funny Things That Will Happen To You If You Are Single!


Being single is the best thing that can ever happen to someone. Even the committed ones know that clearly. But, who gets happy seeing their friends happier? They try harder to get you into the same trap they are in. See how hard they try doing that!

1. People will keep poking you by asking “Why are you still single?”

Oh yeah, I enjoy every day!

Oh Yeah


2. Your friends will make you meet new people and try to set you up in their own different ways.



3. Then, you will be fixed for a date because your friends will promise that they have never tried setting you up with anyone.



4. And you will start thinking “should you really try getting into another relation?

Start thinking


5. So after thinking hard and be away of these thoughts, you will download another new game and get engrossed into it.

Playing game to divert your mind


6. Finally, you will realize that it’s not working, so you shall go for the date only!

Bring it on


7. It will be a very bad blind date.

Bad Date

8. You will decide you will never go on a blind date ever again.

That will never happen again

9. And you will again go for another blind date.

You will again go for a blind date


10. In any party or wedding, you will spend time having as much alcohol you can.

Drinking alone in a party, under the table


11. Of course, the bride and the groom will shower wedding flowers on you since you are the only single one there.



12. Everyone around you will be getting hitched.


13. You will encounter couples only whenever you will go out to have fun. And you will end up feeling sad.

Feeling alone


14. You will try to prove them in your argument that YOU ARE TOTALLY FINE BEING SINGLE.


15. You will be sad listening to any emotional song.

And then I am like, I am awesome


16. Then, you will try to boast yourself by trying to have fun all by yourself.



17. Valentines days will be like hell to spend.


18. You will rejuvenate yourself by planning your lavish life. You can spend all your money by yourself.

Live lavish life, all alone

19. But your friends and family will not let you stay happy for long.



20. Then, you will try harder to settle down even with the ugliest person.



21. Finally you will realize that SINGLEHOOD is the BEST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE, so you will decide to STICK TO IT.


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