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Mom vs dad Memes 2

10 Hilarious Mom vs Dad Memes

We all know that men can never match the level of care women show to children. Men do not love kids less, but just their idea of keeping kids amused is a bit different....

famous logos redone 0

Famous Logos Optimized To Use Less Ink!

When the whole world is looking to do things differently and go eco-friendly to protect the environment, someone has retouched some of the most famous logos such that they would use less ink when printed. Check...

Bad Dad Jokes 0

Best Bad Dad Jokes!

Lets be true, we all love bad jokes and check them out secretly. Here are some of the best bad jokes from bad dad joke wars and other places. Check these out and take...

Success after failure 0

12 Examples That Success Comes In Due Time!

We get disheartened at small hurdles in our life, but we should remember success is not a gift its result of unwavering dedication. Here are 12 examples of people who became insanely successful after initial...

Cal Ripken 1

10 Baseball Records That May Never Be Broken

Every sporting event has its unique set of records and baseball is no exception. This game has also seen numerous records being created and some of these may perhaps be never broken. Below are...

Funny Toilet Signs 0

Hilarious Toilet Signs!

Toilet signs are mainly just to indicate the genders. But off late the boring “Men” and “Women” sign has got creative. Here are some of the many fun ny toilet signs.  

30 Common Items With Different Names in US and UK 0

30 Common Items With Different Names in US and UK

So you think you are perfect in English? Well, English it self is not perfect in itself like any other language that is spoken in various regions! Here are 30 examples which will show stark...


Humble Table Gets Creative!

If you think tables are simply boards, with four legs, think again. Here are some examples of tables that are made with so much love and thought that they are no short of a...

Insane Luxury in Dubai! 0

Insane Luxury in Dubai!

We all know that Dubai is a filthy rich place. Luxuries for us are affordable everyday things for them. So what is Luxury for them, lets check out: Jacuzzi in the clouds! Because regular...

Creative Wood piles 0

Lumberjacks Became Creative

Everybody cribs about their work and how their professional life sucks! But here are some lumberjacks who love their work even though they have to cut would all day. Check out their creative wood piles!

Thanksgiving Dinner 0

10 Must Try Foods in America!

America is known for its lively culture and cuisine alike. A couple of days back we talked about the must try pizzerias across US. Given the vast expanse of the country, it is no...

Best out of waste art by John Kennedy Brown 0

Beautiful Art Made Out Of Scrap Metal!

Artist John Kennedy Brown has been giving scrap metal a second chance, I am sure if the metal had feelings, they would feel this chance is the best thing that could have happened to them....

Top 10 Pizzas 0

Americas Top 10 Pizzas

Pizza is a much admired and loved food tough to be ranked in categories. Below we list the 10 best pizzas, America can offer to an avid food lover. Relish your taste buds to...

People Who Met Their Doppelganger In Art (6) 0

15 People Who Met Their Doppelganger In Art

Most of the people never get a chance to meet their doppelganger but some of us are fortunate to see or meet that someone who resembles us so much that its hard to believe....

Hana Highway 0

6 Most Scenic Highways in US

The vast American landscape becomes more enchanting, all thanks to the scenic highways passing through its territory. Be it the California Coast or the famed Shore Drive through Chicago, America has much to offer...

Choose a career 0

7 Alternate Careers If You Feel Stuck

Even if you have started your career in any field switching career field midway is always possible. At times a person realizes that they have not chosen the profession of their liking. It is...

Electric Mixer 0

7 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen is considered to be an important part of the home. All the energy and desire to work emits from the fact that food plays an important part in a person’s life. It...

Social Media vs Social Networking 0

Social Media vs Social Networking

Social media and social networking are interrelated terms. However, before we get down to the basics, it is important to understand what social media and social networking exactly mean. Social Media This is a...

Norway 0

5 Countries To Cover In Euro Trip

Europe is a perfect destination to cover in every month, be it summers or the chilling winters. There are a lot of options for an avid traveler when it comes to visiting Europe and...

Haunted hotels - Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada) 0

Most Haunted Hotels In The World

From scary shrieks to shadowy appearances, people across the world have reported incidents from all over the world from different hotels which make a trip to any of these an unforgettable experience. Below are...

Worst hurricanes - Katrina 0

Worst Hurricanes In History

Hurricanes have caused irreparable damage over the years. Almost every country which has a significant coastline has suffered from the fury of hurricane. As the world grieves for the Hurricane Harvey, we bring to...