May 24, 2017
Single and happy

This Is Why Some People Choose To Remain Single

You must have come across people who are single and lonely. You might think that such people might be feeling lonely but it could be your […]
May 23, 2017
unusual museums you should visit - Tarascon Castle (France)

7 Unusual Museums You Must Visit

If you are a history buff, the world has a lot for you to explore. There are numerous unusual museums which will showcase a new aspect […]
May 11, 2017
Shopoholics - shopping

Things Shopaholics Do & Feel Guilty About

Compulsive shopping is the thing which most of shopaholics end up doing. It is another thing that they secretly feel guilty about it. 7. They have […]
May 4, 2017
Save banans from rotting - fresh bananas

5 Smart Tricks Save Bananas From Getting Rotten

It often happens that bananas you bring in a big bunch from your fruit seller get rotten soon if you do not consume these within one […]
May 3, 2017
Follower - Honest

Being A “Follower” Is Not That Bad As It Sounds

“Follower” of any faith or political leader is often questioned for their faith. They sometimes find it hard to justify their stand. However, being a follower […]
May 2, 2017
Studing online

Why Is College Degree Useless For Web Development

Most of the web developers who studied in the past one decade usually have a degree in information technology or computer science. However, this is not […]