20 Weird Facts! Interesting But Totally Useless!

crazy facts


1 Ever wondered which punctuation to use when you are surprised and raising a question: question mark or exclamation point well you can use “interrobang.” it is the combination of both.

2 The metal part of a pencil which carries rubber at the back is called “ferrule.”

3 And the dot used over a “i” and “j” is called a “tittle.”

4 A group of flamingos is called flamboyance.

5 And a grumble is a group of pugs.

6 Think you know someone who sleeps a lot, well a snail can sleep for upto three years.

7 A cockroach with its head chopped off will die because of starving after 9 days.

8 Flutterby is the original name of butterfly.

9 Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, I guess most of the young girls will stop playing if they have to use the full name.

10 And Donald Duck has a middle name too, its “Fauntleroy.”

11 Do you know your body parts? Whats the groove located above your lips, just in the middle of upper lips called? It is “philtrum.”



12 Zarf is the term coined for the sleeve outside of a coffee cup.

13 A banana is a type of berry while a strawberry is not.

14 A taste bud on an average lives for 10 days only.

15 A Las Vegas hospital once suspended its workers because they were betting on when their patients would die.

16 In a city in Iceland a while back, it was against the law to keep a dog as a pet.

17 In India cows have a Bill of Rights.

18 porpoise teeth, giraffe tails and Woodpecker scalps have all been used as money.

19 Tounge is the strongest muscle in our body, no doubt words hurt so much.

20 The Speaker of the House, in England, is not allowed to speak.

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