20 Types Of Interesting Food You Must Try

The world is interesting for those who travel and eat. With a range of delicacies from over the world available for a die-hard foodie, the options seem endless.

20. Barcelona Juices

The juices, food and fruits are unique in Barcelona are out of this world. Head to La Boqueria market and you will never be disappointed.

Barcelona juices

19. Cruise Buffet

If you ever get the chance to head on a cruise, the choices in terms of food are endless. Let your taste buds do the rest as you enjoy the choicest delicacies from all over the world.

Cruise Buffet

18. Pastries

Pastries is another wonderful delicacy which you can have often. Consider having some for your breakfast and you will wish to try it more often.


17. Melted Chocolate

Streets of Verona is the best place to lick your melted chocolate and whipped cream. Strawberries and hot cakes are another specialty of this place which you should be trying.

Melted chocolate

16. Sipping Cocktail

This would not seem interesting until the time unless you do it at the world’s highest bar inside world’s highest hotel.

Cocktail, sipping cocktail

15. Mickey Mouse Head

In Disneyland, Hong Kong, you will get mickey mouse shaped ice cream in your mix.

Mickey Mouse Head Ice cream

14. Champagne in Business Class

Emirates would be the best airlines to try this innovation. You will love it and would like to be forever in the airplane.

Champagne in Business Class

13. Middle East Feast during Ramadan

Though it would be advisable to eat during evenings but your feast if you happen to be in Middle East during the Ramadan would be truly delicious and unique.

Middle East Feast during Ramadan

12. Butter Beer

If you happen to be at Harry Potter World in Orlando the regular butter beer or the frozen variant of the same will be the best thing to try.

Butter beer

11. Shake Shack

Though you can get the same anywhere in the world, the best of this is found in New York.

Shake Shack

10. French Macarons

When considering French Cuisine for lunch or dinner you can go for crepes, crème brulee and croissants.

French macrons

9. New York Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a specialty of New York and you will get these at every corner of the city.

New York Cupcakes


8. Italian Gelato

Italian Gelato is something which you should be trying if you ever happen to visit Italy.

Italian Gelato

7. Arabian Sweet Pastries

Arabian sweet pastries are influenced by similar of the lot which you can try in Morocco and Dubai too.

Arabian Sweet Pastries

6. Naga Bomb

A bowl filled with mango, banana, coconut milk blended together makes for Naga Bomb which is often topped by strawberries and nuts.

Naga bomb

5. Chocolate covered Pretzel

German Christmas markets are the perfect place to try chocolate covered Pretzel.

Chocolate covered Pretzel

4. Real Coconut Water

If you happen to be in Pacific and South East Asia drinking coconut water from baby coconut is something that you will enjoy a lot.

real Coconut water

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

A sandwich which has ice cream as a filler is something that you will get all over United States.

icecream sandwich

2. Alfajores

Though different variants of these biscuit sandwich delights are available the same with gooey in the centre is something unique that you should be trying.


1. California Donuts

If you have not eaten Donuts in California so far, you have really missed a treat.

California Donuts

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