20 Essential Things You Must Have During Your Next Travel

Even if you are travelling for a week or a month it does happen that you carry many things. However, it does happen that you might forget many essential things that should always be carried whenever you are on a travel sojourn.

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20. Money Belt

A money belt is of utmost importance whenever you wish to travel. Not only can you keep lose cash in the same but also other important documents as identity cards and other valuables.

19. Packing Cubes

This is a must have necessity for any traveller. Your travel bag becomes more organized when you use these packing cubes.

18. Small Containers

These small containers can be used to pack your essentials as face lotions, make up kits and all such accessories.

17. Tape

This small essential item might come in handy in any emergency situation. You can put it to many usages like packing and sealing as and when required.

16. Scarf

A scarf can be put to many uses, be it for covering your neck or as an emergency blanket every time you are travelling during night hours.

15. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo makes your hair silky every time you feel so. Carry it without fail and you would never repent.

14. Safety Pins

Carry a pack of pins wherever you travel. These have multiple use, be it for stitching a torn cloth to acting as an emergency safety tool.

13. Lip balm

Chapped lips are a common occurrence during travel. Ensure that you have a lip balm to soothe off the cut lips.

12. Face Wipes

These bring a sense of freshness to your dry face, every time you rub off the same with it. Try using it and you will have a sense of freshness always.

11. Neck Pillow

This can give you the much needed private space whenever you are travelling stuck in the middle seat of the airplane.

10. Band-Aid

Any cuts or bruises can be taken care of if you have a band-aid alongside you. Carry 2-3 strips of the same; you never know when you will need the same.

9. Wine bottle opener

If you take wine during travel a wine bottle opener can be the perfect accessory for you. You will never need to realize on its availability at the hotel or restaurant where you might be at that point.

8. Room spray

Every hotel room where you intend to stay might not be a perfect fit for you. Carry your personal room spray and you can customize your room settings.travelling, tips on travelling

7. Flash Drive

You can take out soft copies of important documents in the flash drive. In any emergency use any laptop or computer to have a look at any of these documents.

6. Note Pad

Carry a small note pad and you can keep all important information handy, all the while.

5. Scented fabric sheets

You can keep these in your suitcase to keep your clothes fresh and clean. You can wear them for longer duration as these will smell good.

4. Pen

Not all people keep a pen always with them. You should have it handy as you might need to note some emergency numbers at any time.

3. Pain killers

Carry some pain killers along as you might need them at any point of time. Altitude sickness, jet lag or long delays in schedule while travelling can cause a headache. A pain killer will be a great reliever in such situations.

2. Plastic Bags

Carry some plastic bags as this can be handy if you have small essentials items which do not fit in your inner shelves of your bag.

1. Small Mirror

You might not have a mirror on all occasions when it is required. Carry a small mirror along with you and you can make the most of it.

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