20 Awesome Facts That Will Make You Crave For Travelling

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For those are exhausting themselves day and night in working and often hesitate to take a break, you must have a look at these below facts. You would surely change your mind after know these amazing benefits that come home with your habit of travelling.

travelling, love to travel, travel alone, travel, traveler, exciting, travel the world

1. Going for a vacation reduces the risk of heart related diseases to a great extent.
2. According to studies, spending on travelling makes people happier than spending on materialistic stuff.
3. Your problem solving skills gets improved by traveling.
4. Travel brings your mind at ease. 89% of experiences shared by people report that they have noticed significant drop in their stress levels right after the day or two they come back from a trip.
5. You become active, smart and creative when start travelling.
6. Travel is your immediate aid to depression.
7. Intimacy between couples gets better when they travel together.
8. Travel improves the overall health of your brain and body.
9. People in Australia enjoy the vacation time more than anyone in any country. They are guaranteed with 22 paid vacation days along with 13 additional paid holidays every year.
10. According to 2013 statistics, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.
11. France gets maximum visitors in the world.
12. When it comes to lakes, Canada has them all with almost 3 million lakes.
13. Honolulu has a royal palace and it’s the only one with such a unique aspect in USA.
14. The only place with youngest population is Niger.
15. The least densely populated location in the world is Mongolia with not more than four people per square mile.
16. City with largest number of languages being spoken is Papa New Guinea.
17. Canada stands with highly educated country in the world where approx 50% people get educated at post-secondary level only.
18. India is one of the most diverse nations in the world.
19. 99% of the area in Libya is covered with desert only.
20. Hartsfield Jackson Airport located in Atlanta is considered as the busiest airport in the world.

Aren’t these facts interesting enough to help you start traveling?
Go…Explore the world!

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