19 Things About Women, Men Never Understand

Though men claim to know their wives or girlfriend the most, the reality is that men never understand women. Below are listed only few key things that men never understand about women.

19. Women mean the opposite of what they say

This is a fact that most times women mean opposite of what they say. The poor guy does what the girl says little realizing that she meant the opposite of that.

18. Their fascination with shoes

Men hardly take few minutes to pick the shoes of their choice but women can take hours to buy the pair of sandals they would be replacing two months later.

women love Shoes, women fascinate about Shoes

17. They never tell what bothers them

Even your wife will never tell you truly that what bothers her though she might come up with witty answers.

16. They never get their own fries

Even when the guy asks them politely that if they need some fries he could get them the same, the woman will refuse. Later she would always munch some from the guy’s bowl, much to his displeasure.

15. They are good at multitasking

Women are always good at multi-tasking, be it cooking food or looking after the baby. The guy would always run away in such a situation.

multi tasking, women doing multitasking

14. They sleep in unusual manner

Men would always sleep on the edge of the bed but the same cannot be said about the lady. She might cuddle him one moment and that sleep facing away the next.

13. They ask too much about ex-girlfriend

Even if the wife would have had a relationship before marriage the husband will always avoid asking her about the same. On the contrary, the girl would always be interested in guy’s past.

12. Girls expect guys to remember all dates

Girls always remember important dates and also expect the man to remember all these dates which they never do.

11. They ask questions even when they don’t like answers

Women always ask uncomfortable questions to men even when they know that the answer will not be of their liking.

10. They always say that they have no clothes to wear

This when they have returned from the shopping spree just a day before.

nothing to wear, women have nothing to wear

9. They wear uncomfortable things

A high heel might mot suit them but the lady will always wear the same to the party and cause discomfort to herself and others around.

8. They seem to love the ladies room

Guys rush out of their rest rooms as soon as possible and ladies go in hordes into the ladies’ room as if some important matter is to be discussed.

7. They have mood swings

Men never understand on ways to react to overcome ladies’ bad mood and mood swings.

mood swings

6. They relish chocolates too much

Men also like chocolates but not the way women do. They are always interesting in having lot of chocolates at one go as if all the chocolate making factories are shutting store.

5. They find crying relaxing

Shedding tears is a way of expressing your dissatisfaction on any issue but women do it much often and confuse men instead.

4. About the Periods

This is one thing that men don’t know much about and neither do they want to know.

3. The skin care products are too expensive

Women’s skin care products cost a fortune and their one month expenses might be costlier than men’s whole year of deodorant price.

2. They date wrong people even when good guys are around

They will always go for the bad kind of guy and will repent years later when there is no way to turn back.

dating wrong men, women date wrong men

1. How can they put up with us?

Despite so many confusions and differences women always end up managing with the guy.

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