19 Pictures That Captured Few Unusual Actions Of Birds

Animals and birds are beautiful but few of them make the moments even more adorable by their gestures. They might not be flying as usual or hopping here and there or eating like they normally do. Rather they would do some unusual actions knowingly or unknowingly that will make you laugh. Take a look at few of such pictures that were captured right in time and see how cute these birds look while doing amazing actions.

1. See how the white one is being DOMINATED

unusual actions done by birds, birds are in action


2. Shut the F*** Up

unusual actions done by birds, birds are in action



3. This OWL seems like Clapping

unusual actions done by birds, birds are in action



4. Fighters

cute birds showing unusual actions



5. This little Birdy is dancing on the beats

Bird dancing on the beats



6. Who can image a bird doing Skate activities?

Bird doing skating



7. Lets be positive, may be they are just playing and the little one will be alive

Birds are in action


8. Aww, so cute!




9. Almost ready to swallow it

Birds are in action



10.  This one is trying to grab some food



11. I love her feathers and the way she is carrying them

Pink birds in action

 12. Mother-Bird trying to protect her kids

Birds are in action



13. Planning to get into the socks?

Birds are in action, planning to get into the socks?



14. The Foodies! 

Birds are in action, The Foodie birds



15. Spy Owl

Birdsareinaction, spy owl



16. Winner Bird

Winner Bird, bird in action



17. So beautiful they are




18. Subtle swim! 

Birds are in action


19. Simply amazing

Birds are in action

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