17 Ways To Ruin Your Life By 17

Life is never easy and especially when you make all the efforts to ruin the same knowing well that your future could be in trouble because of these actions.


17. A job that does not inspire you

You could end up taking a part time job that does not inspire you a bit and then you get so engrossed in the same that you do not leave it, even at the cost of your career.

16. Date someone unwillingly

You could also date someone unwillingly in the way that you stay with them for the simple reason that you do not wish to be single again.

15. Always listen to others

You could also choose the subjects of your parents’ choice and leave aside those which you always wanted to study in higher classes.

14. Do not travel around

You can also choose to stick to one location or be at one place only even if you want to travel the world around you.

13. Focus on one part of your personality

You could also focus on single part of your personality at this young age even when you have different facades of your personality to explore.

12. Spend a lot

Some of you might have started earning at a relatively young age. This means that you end up spending the entire amount even though you could have saved the same for your future life.

11. Keep thinking of future life

You could also keep reminding yourself that one day you will have a better life and will enjoy the same, even as the years pass by.

10. Let the fear of rejection rule your mind

You could also desist from taking decisions for the simple reason that fear of rejection looms large over you.

9. Love for a reason

You could also love people for the simple reason that it makes sense to love or like them.

8. Wait for someone else to mend your broken heart

You could also keep waiting for others to mend your broken heart rather than taking the corrective measures yourself.

7. Be engrossed in your past life

You could have had a failed crush at 15. Instead of thinking of the future life you could remain engrossed in thinking about your past days.

6. Life should be fair to you

You can also keep thinking always that life should be fair to you and not take steps to make things happen.

5. Do not make real connections with people

You could be so oblivious of the surroundings that you do not make any real connections with people and instead be engrossed in your personal world.

4. Look for short term happiness

You could also keep thinking on short term happiness goals instead of thinking and looking forward to the future.

3. Do not make the first move

You can be so focused on success that you do not make the first move unless you are sure that you would be the real winner.

2. Be immune to failure

You can be so immune to failure that that you will never try new things.

1. Don’t look at negative aspects of your life

You could remain surrounded by good things to the extent that you do not bother to check out the negative shades of your life.

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