16 Extremely Annoying Things That You Must Not Tell A Woman!

Punch him hard

1. Maximum age of marriage for girls 35. After that they start looking ugly.

Strange Reaction from Girls


2. It will be tough for you to manage your job and the house at the same time. Quit your job if possible.


Who the hell are you to tell her this? Let her decide what she wants to. If she will decide to do both, she will still be perfect in it.

3. This is why I tell to hire a driver and you should not drive.

Girls can drive

Oh really!

4. “Girls are not that good with computers and Maths”. Technical areas are far away from them.

Are you kidding me?

God damn, I manage the whole team in my office.

5. Are you crazy that you want to be in police? Pretty girls should go for easy jobs.

You are just too much : Reaction by girl

6. Are you sure you want to go for specialization in chemistry?

Why do you just shut up?

You are just impossible.

7. You will get through you interview very easily after all the interviewer is a man.

Like Really?

I wish I could punch in right on your nose!

8. Well, you are way to smarter, you must control and behave like girls.

Like really!

9. Woman should not try marathons due to the placement and shape of their hop bones.


Have you ever seen Olympics?

10. If you want to study future, make sure you do before you are pregnant!


11. Try to look for an easy career option. If you be a journalist, you might not get good guy to marry you

You are just mad

12. You should enjoy the feeling that stalkers keep following you.

Trust me I want to kill you

Constantly being afraid of getting raped feeling, you think it’s flattering?

13. Are you really an engineer?



14. Look for a rich guy and marry him.


15. It’s Ok girl, do not take it that seriously.



16. It’s easier for girls, you see!

Punch him hard

Giving birth to a child seems easy, having unequal rights in office seems easy and dealing with such disgusting comments is just so easy.



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