16 Cute Things Your Boyfriend Does To Make You Feel Special!

stay with me, cute boyfriend, awwww

Girls, they love you and care for you but they are men and so, are in habit of doing lot many things that you just can’t take it. It is totally alright to fight with them provided they let you continue spoiling your and their evening. They would surely do these crazy things to melt your heart down:

1. They would go softer in tone, the moment you get mad at them
This is one of the most common things that all men do the moment they realize that if they won’t go soft, you would not let them watch their favorite sport this evening.

stay with me, cute boyfriend, awwww

2. The moment they realize you are stressed, they would go to any extend to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Even a tight hug from them is enough at times.
3. If you’ve had a bad day, be ready to see it turning into a good one. Your man will rush to you with flowers or chocolates or your favorite food, leaving everything aside.

boyfriend gets flower

4. Your family is no longer yours only. He will show how much he accepts your family and friends and loves to be with them. Awwww!
5. He would visit your office during any random evening, to pick you and drop you home, only to see you smile and blush.
6. Is this your birthday week? Surprises are coming your way. He is definitely planning something really special.

makes you feel good

7. If they see you feeling cold, they would give you the jacket they are wearing forgetting that they too are feeling cold.
8. They hold your hand tight, just like that, only to assure how happy he is to be with you.

holding hands

9. You might hate their favorite sport still they would take the pain of explaining everything around it.
10. During any get together or social gathering, they would make you feel special by giving extra attention.
11. While you are dressing up for a party, they would just randomly hug you from the back.

hugs you from back

12. While they are busy enjoying with a child, they would look extra cute at that very moment.
13. They make your day better by giving random compliments, just like that!
14. He goes shopping with you, holding all your carry bags and without complaining at all.
15. And in case you put in a little effort to look good, they would just go crazy and appreciate you even more.

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16. When they get jealous of your colleagues sometimes. That is never to suppress you but to make you feel how much they care.

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