15 Unusual Animals That We Didn’t Know But They Actually Exist!

White Alligator

We live in a highly strange world. You cannot imagine so many different creatures exists other than we humans. And few of them are extremely different from what we generally know about. Look at these unusual, weird yet cute animals you might not be know about.

1. Cute or Weird, No Words to Describe it!

Strange Weird yet cute animals
2. What do you guess it is? Some Alien looking Monkey?

Strange and Unusual Animal

3. Turtle with two Heads

Turtle with 2 heads

4. What do you guess it is? Some Alien looking Monkey?

Creepy Sea Animal

5. Platypus Pery?

 Platypus Pery?

6. A Strange Old Ant

A Strange Old Ant

7. Rare coloured combination of Hippo and Elephant

Rare colored combination of Hippo and Elephant

8. Unusual twin headed mouse

Unusual twin headed mouse

9. An extremely weird fish, also known as Blobfish

Unusual animals: blobfish

10. It’s too strange

It's too strange

11. White Alligator

Strange Animal : Aligator

12. One of the most unique bird carrying gold stuff in her body

A very unique bird

13. It has been named as spiny

It has been named as spiny

14. Blue Something, don’t know what to name it.

Blue Something

15. Peculiar Lion in White Colour

Peculiar Lion in White Color

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  1. mohamed rashwan says:

    what is the name of first one

    • admin says:

      The second one is: Tarsier.
      We are not sure about the name of this first one. If you get to know, do let us know too.

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