15 Proofs That Show You Are Living A Good Life Though You Don’t Think You Are

At times some self introspection is necessary and when you sit down to think over, you realize that there are things that you have achieved which you thought were never possible.

better living

15. Bills were paid on time

You might have been surprised but you were able to pay bills on time and also save some money from all the spending that were not essential.

14. Questioned yourself

If you did so it means that you were open to criticism and also listened to others. This is the path to progress and if you did so, you are sure to rise in the coming days.

13. You pursue your passion

If you found time to pursue your passion and do things that you enjoyed it meant that you are doing good. Continue to do so and you will always be happy.

12. You do not worry about from where next meal will come

You are busy in your professional and personal life so much that you never worry on from where your next meal will come. This means you are working earnestly and will continue to follow your goals.

11. You eat for enjoyment

Your every meal is to satisfy your inner quest not only to survive and live. This is a sign that you are growing on an intellectual level too.

10. A secure job is in the offering

When you have a secure job at hand, you start valuing your worth. Every decision you take will contribute to your professional and personal growth.

9. You have close knit friends

You might be having a large number of friends but if you have some close knit friends, it is a sign that you have some people to fall upon when any serious issue arises in your life.

8. You can afford the basics of life

If you can afford to live a quality life and cater to the needs of your family, life is of course treating you good.

7. You have been evolving

If you feel that you have changed in past couple of years and have started behaving in a more mature manner, life is going to be good to you in the coming years.

6. You sense if something is wrong in life

If you have risen to the level where you can realize if something is wrong in your life and are able to rectify it, you have grown on a personal and professional level.

5. You came out of a bad relationship

If you have been able to come out of a bad or broken relationship over time, you are on the path of self growth and attainment as you have overcome the pitfalls of life.

4. You are interested in something new

Try out new things in life as it helps you to grow and evolve. Develop your interest in new things and follow your passion.

3. Working towards your goal

Being clear on goals in life also helps and you attain a better position in your personal and professional life.

2. You know to care about yourselves

If you have learnt to care about yourself, you have certainly achieved a new high in life. Be on this track and you will learn much with time.

1. You can keep others happy

Keeping others happy is not easy and if you have done so in the last year, you have certainly evolved.


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