15 Places Around The World That Will Make You Go For Another Round Of Travelling

The world is a travelers’ paradise. Each country has some unique locations that will make you plan more visits to these locations. Below we list top 15 of these places which will incite you to plan another visit, once you have been here.

15. Cuba

Cuba has much to offer to any traveler, be it the rugged landscape of Havana or a quiet evening in Trinidad. Cuba still seems to be covered in a time wrap and before the wave of modernization hits it, it would be perfect to pack your bags and head here.

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14. Madagascar

Wish to explore something unique and innovative. Madagascar can be your real bastion as the place still has many relics of bygone era. Those with interest in exploring the wildlife of this place can also plan a visit as Madagascar is home to numerous wildlife species.

13. Turkey

Turkey with its numerous interests including the souks and spice market in Istanbul and hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia is another place which will attract you to come over repeatedly. Sun tanning on its beaches is something that is liked a lot.

12. South Africa

South Africa is another unique nation that should be visited whenever you get time. Be a part of the animal safari in South Africa and you are likely to return again.


11. Atacama Desert, Chile

This desert is likely leave you in awe and will not be something that you would have expected in a normal course. It even snowed in this desert in 2015. The world’s driest desert otherwise, the Atacama Desert has a lot of cactus, geysers and salt flats.

10. Morocco

Morocco has a lot to offer, be it the carpets in Marrakech or the unique culture of this land which has attracted visitors repeatedly. This is one of the most intriguing nations to explore and once you have been to Morocco, you will definitely come back.

9. Nicaragua

Nicaragua has evolved into Central America’s most explored destination in recent past. The country is extremely affordable and budget travelers make it a point to head back here, once they have been to Nicaragua.


8. New Zealand

New Zealand has also been on the wish list of travelers. Geographically isolated, this country offers much to a die-hard traveler to explore and they return here every year.

7. Philippines

A less explored place, Philippines also offers a rejuvenating experience to any visitor. Be its pristine waters or rich cultural heritage, one who visits this land once will definitely want to return here often.

6. Oman

Middle East can be best explored in Oman and one who visits Oman once does return. The place is known for its cuisine, culture and tradition. A relatively safe country in Middle East, Oman attracts a large number of tourists.

5. Tasmania, Australia

If you want to breathe the cleanest air in world and explore raw wilderness, Tasmania is the place to do so. It is also known for its unique hiking trails and those who come to Tasmania do return again.

Tasmania, Australia

4. Belgrade, Serbia

If you have a liking for adventure, Belgrade in Serbia is one place you should be visiting. Tourists frequent Belgrade in less numbers and the wilderness of this place will attract you again, once you have been in Belgrade.

3. Patagonia, Chile

Once you have been to Patagonia in Chile, you would definitely like to share the pictures with your loved ones. The place is so beautiful; you will never like to return back ever.

Patagonia, Chile

2. Ireland

With world’s best people for company and some of the best places to explore, Ireland surely is one country which should be on the wish list of a regular traveler.

1. Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you are surprised to find this name in the list, you need to visit Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is among world’s most picturesque places and offer some of the best off beaten trails to any avid traveler.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

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