15 Creepiest Things That Are Normal In Relationships

Whenever you are in any relationship, difference of opinion is bound to happen. However, it is normal to have some difference of opinion, even though it might be a creepy thing.

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15. Watching your man sleep peacefully even if you rise early

It might happen that your husband is sleeping peacefully until late in the day, even if you are an early riser. It is normal behavior and you can instead go to the other room and carry on with work.

14. Having a partner who knows about your periods

Though it might sound creepy, it is normal if you have a partner who knows on when you are expecting your periods.

13. Calling him 10 times a day, even when he is around

You might have the instinct of calling him ten times a day even though he might be around and you know it too.

12. Eating from his plate in a restaurant

He might have ordered a dish which you secretly wanted but when he orders it, you take a mouthful of the same.

11. Calling his parents to talk about him

You might be calling his parents and then spending all the time just talking about him.

10. Posting cute pictures of his on social media

You could also be posing some cute pictures of his on social media, even when you have better ones of yourself.

9. Knowing measurements of his clothes

Though he might feel a bit embarrassed in public, it is normal for you to know the size of his clothes.

8. Knowing all his passwords

You might know all the passwords of his bank accounts and all his social media accounts but that is normal and should not invite any kind of trouble.

7. Able to duplicate his signatures

You might be in a position to duplicate his signatures, even better than him.

6. Knowing what his favorite dish is in any particular restaurant

You might know about his favorite dish in any special restaurant he visits occasionally, either with you or without you.

5. Fixing his hair in public

Though it might sound embarrassing to him, it will certainly show your love for him if you fix his hair in public view and this would be normal by any count.

4. Knowing where your partner is

You might know about him and his daily schedule, even if he is on a office trip or some secret personal engagement.

3. Giving him a thoughtful gift

Your husband might have wished to buy his favorite book for long but could not locate it. It would be a great initiative on your part to find that book and gift it to him.

2. Helping him with his office work

You could also help him with his office work at home so that he gets more time to spend with you.

1. He might help you with kitchen work

You must be occupied with looking after the kids and it would be normal if your husband helps you with kitchen work.

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