14 Signs That Tell You “It’s High Time You Should Quit Online Dating” !

Lot of feelings, confused

Online dating is an age old fashion now. You tend to spend hours on your laptop to chat with random people. Many times you know their real names many times you don’t though you do stick to few who are regular on chatting with you. But it’s high time that you should just quit online dating now. Get into real business and start dating in real. Online dating is good but not for all time.

1. You have very limited list for matches. You Are Way To Specific.

College guys who are 6 inches in height and have glow on their face and wear only round next t-shirts are the only ones you would talk to. Duh…!

You are way to specific

2. You push texts again and again for ages but don’t get responses that easily.

Even the hot guys are tired now looking at your messages. So you should just stop it. We understand it’s hard to take it.

You push texts but don't get response, feeling sad.

3. Online dating is so deep in your head that you get paranoid about everything related to it.

Oh yeah!

Being paranoid, hulk

4. It’s fun to exchange messages with people than thinking of meeting them in person.

Let’s chat, why do we need to meet?

It's alright

5. Wrong kinds of guys are getting attracted to you.

You go online for the hot and sexy ones but end up getting attracted to all wrong ones.


6. Even if you schedule a date with anyone, you decide to avoid it in the last minute.

I don’t want to go.

You dont want to go

7. You keep getting pings and messages from random creeps but not from hotties.

You are being unnoticed!

You are being unnoticed


8. You don’t really know what to mention in your online profile.

You are totally out of words now.


9. You are simply mad about it. You prepare yourself and delete the dating application out of frustration but the very next moment you download it and start chatting.

Lot of feelings, confused

10. You often miss out on picking the right display picture.

Bad display picture

11. You are out of words so you ask your friends on what you should respond to the messages.

You just don’t know what to say now.

Tell me


12. You just don’t like to make the first move.

I won’t ping him first. He should start it.

You won't make the first move

13. If by any chance you plan to send the first text, it almost like a disaster.
Damn, you did it the wrong way.

Damn Damn Damn


14. You are about you lose your job now since you chat till late hours and sleep in the office.

Sleeping at work

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