14 Signs That Clearly Show How Stupid You Are When It Comes To Dating!


1. You can’t flirt at all. It’s disastrous when you try.




2. You are that nervous that you become sweaty and your voice starts stammering even before planning an attempt.

voice Stammering


3. Google is your only guide while planning a date. Your friends have decided to be away now.



4. You are bad at choosing dating locations: Either the places are too shady or highly crowded.



5. And you end up choosing an expensive place to date and are too broke to pay the bill. Of course, asking the girl to pool in at the first date sounds pathetic.

He is broke


6. Giving good eye contact is difficult for you. You either give broad stare and make the other ones feel uncomfortable or your eyes go directly to the wrong places.



7. You are too shy to focus on your date and so your Smartphone takes all your attention.

guy don't know how to flirt

8. You are not on time. And you are bad in giving excuses too.



9. You are still struggling on how to compliment her. Taking compliments is only what you are good at.

Guys who don't know how to give compliment, men take complimentss


10. Despite of ample of failures, you still choose the most typical pick up lines.

Boys pick up typical lines on dates


11. You wish to make her feel special but you don’t know what it actually means.

stupidguy doesnt know how to impress girl


12. You enter into an awkward situation every time you meet a girl. You don’t know if you should side hug her or kiss or just shake hands.



13. You keep speaking about how sad or awesome your life is without realizing if she is interested in know that or not.

Girl gets irritated

14. Finally, your date has to leave quickly in the middle of the date. Of course, she won’t give you any reasons because that’s how you have planned a ‘disastrous date’.

Girl leaves without any reason

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