14 Realities You Face After Graduating And Staying Away From Your Family

take responsibility, Manage on your own

1. Hard work might not pay sometimes

Usually we are taught to keep working hard as it leads to success but that doesn’t happen always. Reality of every situation is to be prepared for the first. Usually teenagers are kept away from this fact.

shit, hard work doesn't pays off sometimes

2. Saving helps to stay independent

Whatever they get, they spend on gaming or roaming. Teenagers should be taught to save the extra money they get. They are usually prepared to study and train themselves for future so that they can make good money later. Rather they should be prepared to save today so they get into the habit of saving and are able to stay independent for long if need be.

3. Cooking food and not just packed food

Cooking teaches you a lot. You can survive anywhere on your own if you know cooking but something above canned stuff.

cooking beyond canned food

4. Paying back students loan

Be independent and pay off your student’s loan than being dependent on your parents and keep taking money for college fee.

5. Trying to know what you actually want to do in life

We are usually kept away from the realities and so we are clueless about what we want to do. Try to find time for yourself and grow up within to understand what you actually want from life.

I know what I want

6. World is a real bitch

Fairytales exist in books only.

7. Travel alone to find your soul

Find out where you are heading. Travelling is a true teacher at times. You understand things deeply while being away, into the serene places. Try travelling. It works.

8. Wasting time doesn’t help at all

It’s never too late. Utilize your time in things you wish to, the moment you realize. Waiting for future won’t be of help. Use your present in a better way for have a better future.

9. What to choose between working for money or passion?

It’s your fight. Nobody on earth can guide you today or tomorrow about what is more important for you. And usually the world says opposite of what you choose. Let them keep saying. Decide what you actually want.

10. Stop being dependent on your parents

We know we want to be independent, yet to try to rely on our parents many times. Be an adult, get a job and be independent. Get a life!

11. Taking and managing responsibilities

Don’t try to hide your face. Be ready to stand up and take things under your control.

take responsibility, Manage on your own

12. Dating the right one, at the right time

Flirting is no harm but dating only to show off sounds totally stupid. It’s too early to decide your life-partner. Take your time, talk to people, keep flirting but date only when you are convinced. Set your parameters straight. Trust, it will save you from lot of issues.

13. You can secure your future on your own

Things happen when you make them happen. You will have to work hard to secure your future.

14. Be ready to take the biggest decisions

Take charge of your future and decide wisely.

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