13 Things You Must Give Up To Make Your Life Stress-Free & Easier!


If you decide to make your life simpler, you can anytime do that by following these 13 things. Remain stress free and happier.

1. Be wrong sometimes too, it’s not that bad

You know you are right at every second and you spend hours in arguing with people around just to prove your point and tell them how right you are. Take it easy man! Keep your ego aside and relax. Try being wrong sometimes too.

bewrong, take it easy

2. You can’t control everything, bear this in mind.

Many people have a habit of trying to control everything that is around them or that happens like people, situations etc. When you are out on the streets, you have to allow few things to happen on their own. You just can’t control everything, so let it go a bit.


3. Open up your mind

Being narrow in thoughts limits your power to judge people and handle any situation in a proper way. Loosen yourself and be free, especially in your thoughts.

Open your mind

4. Stop the blame game.

Whatever has happened, has happened, you must let it go. Blaming people around you would not make things go right. Accept the situation and handle it in the right way.


5. You don’t need to think about the whole world.

Was the girl in your neighbor out for the whole last night? What do you have to do with it? Whether she was clubbing whole night or had become a monster, it’s none of your business to think about it. Mind your business, please!


6. Complaining won’t get you anything, either!

Just like thinking about others won’t benefit you at all, complaining for no reason too won’t. You might get irritated with the way your colleagues work but that doesn’t mean you will get him screwed by your manager always. It’s their style of working, adapt it. May be you end up learning few tricks to make your boss work.

do not complaint, stop complaining

7. Criticism won’t make you superior.

You are great you are different, agreed still you belong to this world only. Stop criticizing others for not being as perfect as you are. Criticizing won’t take you on a different planet at all. Remember this.

you should not criticize

8. You don’t have to impress everyone.

You will spend hours in getting ready for the movie and miss the beginning totally all because you wanted to dress up differently this time! Common, no one is bothered about what you are wearing in that movie theater. They will at least guess the murderer in the movie. Leave your urge to impress everyone aside and live the moment.


9. Don’t fear change. Change brings spice in life.

Be adaptive to different changes that are happening around you. Many people try to resist general changes too. By changing you will be adding another fun element to your life.


10. Stop following Brands madly.

Brands, brands, brands…Ahhhhh….You think shouting about how much you spent and on which brand is a common thing that many people do. Being conscious about quality of your clothes is different and just following brands madly.

Stop following brands, dont think about brands that much

11. Face your fears.

Don’t be that afraid. Face your fears and take up little more challenges in life. Life is short and is full of fun and excitement. Live it large.

Face your fears

12. Leave your past in past.

Don’t keep thinking or talking about your past life. Whatever has happened has happened. You can’t change it so why think about it? Let it go behind your back and be in your present.



You cannot make everyone happy so why think about each one of them. Evaluate who and what’s important for you and live accordingly. Life is too short to think about others. You can’t make others happy even till your last breath. Life your dreams! Live for yourself! Live to make each moment of your life, the happiest one.



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