13 Superstitions Being Followed Around The World


Ample of superstitious believes are being commonly practiced by people around the world. Many of them are baseless, yet nobody stops from following them. Not sure, if they all are true and affect a bit too. Couple of them are listed below. Take a look:

1. In Egypt, Owl is considered as a bad omen. Owls are unlucky according to Egyptians.

owl, superstitions

2. Anyone carrying an empty bucket or seen carrying one is considered bad luck by Russians. It’s is because Tsar Alexander II was killed using an empty bucket by someone.

3. If you chew bubble gum at night in Turkey, it is considered equivalent to rotting flesh.

chewing bubble gum

4. Playing with scissors is considered bad in Egypt. If you open or close scissors for no reason, it is believed you are trying to cut spirits present in the air.

5. In China, word “Four” sounds similar to “Death”. This is why, you won’t find any fourth floor in maximum buildings.

6. Kissing a baby on their lips in not good at all in Nigeria as they believe that this will make them grow as an adult who drools.


7. In Spain, 13th, the Tuesday is the most unlucky day.

8. In Vermont, houses have titled roof as the local people believe there are witches around and it is difficult for the witches to fly over slanted windows.

9. 17th, the Friday is considered extremely unlucky in Italy.


friday, the 17th

10. If you kill a spider in Finland, it is believed that there will be heavy rain on the following day.

11. In Netherlands, you are not suppose to sing on the dinner table as it is considered that you’re singing is served as greeting to the devil.

12. In Brazil, if your wallet, purse of bag is left open, it is believe that you will lose money for sure.


13. You must not disclose your travel plans in Senegal, it is considered that revealing plans will lead to ruining or cancellation of the trip.


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