13 Reasons High School Love Lasts Long

Many of you who are married might have had the opportunity to be with your high school lover. Being able to marry your high school love has its distinct advantages and benefits. Let us think and ponder upon some of the unique advantages that marrying your high school love offers.

13. You know each other better

Since both of you have been together since the days of your high school, chances are that you know each other the best. This reason is enough for your love to last long enough.

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12. The shortcomings are out in the open

Unlike in an arranged marriage if you are in a relation with your high school love, the shortcomings are out in the open and you need not make any effort to hide these. This will make your relation better and worthy in the long run.

11. They move over early

Since people in a relation since school days know each other better, they are in a better position to move over and forget whenever any fight erupts among the couple.

10. They understand a lot with little words

The chemistry between people who have known each other well since long grows so strong that they understand each other very well without saying little words. This is quite in contrast to a couple which has done arranged marriage since they will need to make lot of effort to say things sometimes.

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9. They help each other in tough times

Not to say that a couple which has no long term bonding will not do so but people who have been together since High School days will always make that extra effort to help each out from tough situations.

8. They have common friends

Friends also play a part in keeping a relation going steady. Since the couple would have been together from days of High School, the friends too are common. They will therefore be in a better situation to tide over tough times since friends will always pitch in.

7. Surprises can always be well planned

The surprise element in any relationship also plays its part. Since a person in a relation with a High School friend will know their preferences and liking, surprises can always be well planned and executed accordingly.

6. They will know each other’s relatives better

Since both partners in any such relation would have been together since High School days, they will know each other’s relatives better and can always plan out ways to deal with a situation, in case something goes wrong.

5. The trust is more

Trust in any relation is the key to a better future. When people know each other since long, the trust is more and it keeps the relation going strongly.


4. Bitterness does not last long

Since people in such relation have decided to be together willingly, they know and understand the shortcomings of their partners in a better manner. Even if any misunderstanding comes in between partners in such relation, the bitterness does not last long enough.

3. Such people make a happy couple

People when they are together for long make a happy couple and this happiness keeps them going.

2. The bond gets stronger with time

As time passes by people in such relationship develop a passionate bond which only gets stronger with time.

1. Similar interests keep them together

It is but natural that people bond together in High School because of similar nature of their interests. This bond and understanding only gets better with time and the same interests of both partners keeps them together.

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