13 Perfect Pick-Up Statements For Singles

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For those who are single everyday is a perfect occasion to find a partner. However, in today’s smart and tech savvy generation, you need to be ready with compelling statements and one liner to woo the opposite sex.

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13. What’s cooking?

You can always use this statement on the girl or guy if you think they are the one perfect for you. You never know if this person will turn out to be the perfect partner for you.

12. You look like my next partner

This line can be used on your probable next partner. This person can be your next boyfriend or girlfriend. Make a try on this and you will definitely succeed on this.

11. Wish the gym had a stationary bike

While wading through the gym cycle, you can offer a one liner to the girl next block to exercise alongside you so that both of you can know each other in a better manner.

10. You can call me poo, as all i wish for is Honey

If you come across your probable partner at a sweet shop this one liner would do the trick for you.

9. You know what kind of material is this

If you happen to visit a shopping mall and come across a person who you foresee as a probable partner ask them on the quality of fabric if you have been looking for the same kind of stuff. Once engaged they will be easy to be tackled.

8. You are single and me too

This could be a perfect pick up line for you and the probable partner could be easily wooed with this line.


7. I am here, what more you wish for

This could be a perfect pick up line for you whenever you come across the person of your dreams. You never know the person could be your dream partner forever.

6. Lost my number, can I have yours?

This can be a pick up line at a bus stop or a railway station if you come across the person of your dream at any of this location.

5. Can we have a drink together?

If you come across your probable boyfriend or girlfriend at a bar you can perhaps offer them a drink. It could be the best day of your life and you can find your future partner there.

4. Space between your fingers is to be filled by me

This could be another pick up line when you come across your probable boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. U and I come across in a keyboard

Even in a keyboard U and I come together so why not try it in our life too.

2. If you wake up in a red room, you would be in my heart

Try this line on your probable boyfriend or girlfriend and you might have the love of your life forever.

1. Me and You are made for each other

If you are desperate enough for the probable partner, use this pick up line. You never know things might fall in place.

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