13 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Facebook

Social media is a craze these days. Everyone, be it young or old are on Facebook. The website has changed the dimensions of personal relations and communicating with friends across the globe has become relatively easy.

However, there are certain interesting facts about Facebook that you might not be aware about.

1. The first face on Facebook was Al Pacino

Many think that the picture on header of Facebook in 2007 was that of Mark Zuckerberg. However, for some uncertain reasons the picture was of Al Pacino. This logo was created by Andrew McCollum who was a friend of Mark and also his classmate.

2. Over 60,000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook everyday

Facebook is perhaps the only website which is hacked an amazing 60,000 times a day. The reasons could vary from troubling friends to stealing personal information.

3. Facebook is visited daily by 64% of its users

The popularity of Facebook is increasing with every passing year. If in 2010 around 51% of Facebook users visited the site on daily basis, the number has now increased to over 64%.

4. Facebook is responsible for one in three divorces

A survey conducted by British legal service, Divorce-Online points that one in every three divorce has connection with Facebook. With people able to connect with their old friends across the globe, people are able to connect with their old lovers and instigate commotion in present lives.

5. Facebook has over 1 Billion mobile users

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social website. It has over one billion mobile users and its total user base is 1.28 billion which more than the population of India is.

6. Murders have been done for unfriending people on Facebook

Amazingly people connect with Facebook at emotional levels also. In 2012, a man in US killed a couple because they had unfriended his daughter.

7. Facebook tracks you even when not on the website

The like button of Facebook is also used for some other purpose. The website tracks your online presence based on your likes, even when you are not on Facebook.

8. Message friends in their inbox for a fee

Few only know that for a fee you can message friends in their inbox. These messages otherwise go to the Others folder which hardly anyone checks out.

9. One in every Three Facebook user felt low after visiting the site

This happened as they viewed the pictures of their friends who have been travelling across the globe. Viewing such pictures and not being able to head outdoors creates a depressing scenario and such people felt low.

10. Mark suffers from red-green color blindness

Facebook continues to be blue ever since its launch as Mark Zuckerberg has red –green color blindness and loves blue more often.

11. Facebook will have more number of dead users than living

This frightening scenario will become a reality. This is likely to happen by 2060s or in 2130.

12. Add /4 to the end of Facebook profile page

If you add 4 to end of Facebook page, you will be directed to Facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg. If you add 5 or 6, you will be directed to pages of Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz who are the other co-founders of Facebook.

13. 83 percent Prostitutes have their Facebook Page

An unethical use though, 83 percent prostitutes across the world maintain their Facebook pages.



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