13 Facts You Can Relate To Only If You Have An Elder Sister

fighting with siter

An elder sister might have been really annoying at times but she is a blessing in disguise. You can relate to a lot of things from below that you have experienced with her since childhood and you cherish all those moments.

1. “How can she take that pillow, that’s mine” is your favorite dialogue.

pillow fight, kids pillow fight, children

2. And the most common snatch fights over a TV remote, pen and what not.

fighting, kids fight over everything

3. She would always be the leader in every game you play together. 

brother watching sister

4. Everything she wants to try, she will apply to you.

sister doing makeup on brother

5. And when she is in her experiment mode, you would be as her assistant after all you need food until mom is home.

experimenting sister

6. She is your career adviser you don’t need to be worried about what to choose.

career adviser, career, guide

7. Every prank is plotted with her help and you are not even accountable to your parents. She is. 

sister facing parents

8. “You are adopted” ofcourse you are not but she would often let you get that horrible feeling.

feels miserable, adopted


And you want to punch her hard, this way

fighting with siter

9. You are quite famous in middle school as you know the high school girls. All because of your elder sister.

i am famous, famous in middle school


10. Taking permissions from parents is no big deal as she is always there for it. Obviously you need to bribe her.

taking permission, parents

11. You have spent awesome time together. She is the most amazing babysitter that one can have.

best baby sitter, awesome time spent



12. You cherish the moments when you could irritate her.

dont like you

13. She cares about you in her own unique way.

she cares

14. Whatever it may be, she is your only best friend since childhood who knows every tiny detail about you and your life and you love it.



After a lot time spent together you realize that she is cares for you more than anyone in life. She gives you the liberty to say and feel whatever you want while she is around. You can be yourself in front of her. She is the best gift ever and you love her unconditionally.


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