13 Facts About Sports We Bet Even The Hardcore Fans Don’t Know

sports facts

Consider yourself as a sports fan! You must have read and learnt about many known sports incidents but still there are many facts that might have been unnoticed to your eye.

sports facts, facts about sports

Below are listed some of these facts that you that you probably do not know about your most favourite sport.

1. Super Bowl Rings for NFL referees

Though these rings cannot be considered as impressive as the players had received but the referees officiating at the Super Bowl did get their own Super Bowl Rings to commemorate the day.

2. Volleyball developed from basketball’s bladder

William G. Morgan who devised the game of Volleyball in 1895 found Basketball too heavy to use for playing. He then played with inflatable rubber of basketball instead until the regular volleyball was designed by A.G Spalding.

3. A new stadium was almost build in middle of a river

NADCO Engineering Co gave a proposal for development of a new stadium over the Monongahela River. If this project would have materialized, the hotel would have had around 600 rooms for visitors who would have come to the stadium for watching sporting events.

4. Playing time in Major League Baseball game is under 18 minutes

Though players in any major league baseball seem to run around for 3 hours, the approximate playing time is only under 18 minutes.

5. Basketball rules were unique until 1936

Until 1936, the rules of basketball were quite unique. The jump ball in basketball was done in centre court after the basket was done. This was however changed and the game is now as it seems.

6. Football rules too were different

In earlier days, an incomplete forward pass in the game of football meant that the team earned a 15-yard penalty. If this pass was never touched, defence took possession of the ball.

7. Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers jointly formed Steagles

As many players from Eagles and Steelers served in military during World War-II, they combined to form a team by name of Steagles in 1943.

8. Gold medals in Olympic are made from Silver

Gold medals made from real gold were a part of Olympics until 1912 only. The medals now have 93 percent silver, 3 percent copper and the prized gold finish is only six percent.

9. Golfers in Japan carry hole-in one insurance policy

Around four million golfers in Japan have golf insurance and end up paying $65 premium each year for the $3500 coverage.

10. Harry Chiti, the former MLB catcher was traded for himself

He was originally traded from Cleveland Indians to New York Mets but ended up playing 15 terrible games. Eventually, he was shipped back to Cleveland.

11. “Soccer” is an 1800’s slang term

Online Etymology Dictionary lists that soccer was initially “socca”, changed into “socka” and finally soccer.

12. Balls used in Major League Baseball are dirty

To wipe off the factory fresh look from balls used in the game, Major League wipes down each baseball with mud from an undisclosed location and then ships it to stores.

13. No documented perfect March Madness bracket

The chances of filling a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 Quintilian. No doubt, the feat has been unachievable until date. Warren Buffet has also announced a 1 billion award to anyone who could achieve March Madness bracket.

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