12 Worst Things About Air Travel

For those who have been occasionally travelling by air for fun and work, the travel is not the same any more. With changing times and increasing costs, airlines are finding new tactics of burdening the passenger which ultimately has an effect on travelers.

air travel, air travelling

10. Paying extra for baggage

Gone are the days when one could travel with loads of luggage for free. Most of the airlines now charge baggage allowance for weight of over 20 kg. Though different airlines have different set of rules for extra baggage, Icelandair charges extra for weight over 50 pounds.

9. Multiple security checks

Multiple security checks are another bottleneck in the ever changing security scenario. Many airports frisk passengers to the level that they need to remove their shoes, belts and coats. You can also not carry the favorite food item that your loved ones might have packed for you.

8. Flight announcements

It might have happened often with you that you would have listened in apt attention to flight announcement of other passengers but when it comes to boarding your own flight, you might miss the same as you would have been in the washroom.

7. Boarding the plane

When you finally board the plane, people are often in mad rush to grab their seat. The commotion is unwarranted as the seat has already been reserved in their name and in all likelihood, no one else would be seated on the seat allocated to any particular passenger.

6. Paying for food

Gone are the good old days when food came complimentary in flights. Everything in the flight now costs a fortune and you will have to pay for a bottle of water, especially in budget airlines.

5. Seat in front of emergency aisle and on last row

This is one lesson you are likely to learn when you face this problem. If you are seated in front of emergency aisle seat, the same will not recline back howsoever hard, you may try. Similar is the case with any seat on the last row.

4. Extra charge for a comfortable seat

Gone are the days when your seat would be upgraded for free. If for any reason, you would require a seat with more legroom most airlines will happily offer you the same but will charge some amount for the same.

3. Missing a connecting flight

In this age of world travel and multiple connecting flights, it is likely that you would miss some of your connecting flight on any given day. Not only does it result in loss of time and money but also causes unnecessary commotion which would have avoided if you would have had one flight.

2. Unruly fellow passengers

You might have faced unruly behavior from fellow passengers who always keep on harping on their political connections or the wealth they have earned, irrespective of the fact that you would be least interested in listening to them.

1. TSA security regulations in United States of America

The attack of 9/11 in United States has changed the air security scenario forever. Passengers can now be searched with full body scans, the luggage can be opened upon suspicion and the passengers can be arrested on little suspicion.

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