12 Unique Movie Posters Representing Terrific Design Skills Of Flore Maquin

The mask

Have you heard about Flore Maquin? If no then you must have a look at these movie posters that define her story.
Flore Maquin is a renowned graphic designer from Lyon, a city in France. She has shown her amazing designing skills by giving new looks to our favorite old and new movies. She utilizes digital process which makes the picture come out so well, as if they are hand painted.

1. The Fifth Element

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2. Star Wars – VII

Star-Wars-VII, hollywood, hollywood movies, Flore Maquin


3. Pulp Fiction

Pulp-Fiction, Flore Maquin


4. Mad Max

Mad Max, poster, movie posters, mad max poster


5. Leon



6. Jurassic World

Jurassic World


7. Jaws

Jaws, Hollywood, Hollywood movies


8. Fight Club

Fight Club, amazing movies, awesome movies, amazing pictures, great graphics


9. Dracula

Dracula, movie


10. The Dark Knight

Dark Knight

11. The Mask

The mask


12. Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Courtesy: Flore maquin

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