12 Uncommon Signs That You’ve Found Your Perfect Partner

It is not always about romance when it comes to finding your perfect partner. Life offers us many uncommon signs too which show that you have perhaps found the perfect partner. Below are listed some of these signs which will amply prove that in case you encounter some of these facts, you have found your perfect partner.

Perfect partner

12. You love doing crazy stuff

If you enjoy shopping for grocery or paying taxes along with your partner consider the fact that this person could be your perfect partner.

11. Eating on the couch

If you prefer eating on the couch rather than an expensive date at a five star resort, you have perhaps nailed it.

10. You can feel comfortable with him

Even if he sleeps with open mouth and you feel good with him, you have the perfect guy. Same goes for him too.

9. No worries on looks

If you can dine with him at any location without worrying on your looks, you have struck the cupid arrow perfectly.

8. You admire each other

If you admire each other, even in old clothes and worn out t-shirts, you are perhaps made for each other.

7. You treasure simple gifts

If a smile hand written card of your partner holds more value than an expensive card or gift, you are on the path to blissful living.

6. You can talk openly

If you can talk about your body functions openly with your partner, you have the right person in your life.

5. The annoyance also does not worry you

In a relation at times all is not well. In such situations if you are able to work through and be happy with your partner, perhaps you have the right partner.

fun together, having fun with partner

4. Not feeling weird

If you can hang out in silence with your partner and still not feel weird, you are in the right company.

3. They keep you happy

If your perspective partner is able to keep you in jolly mood, even through tough times, you are with the right person.

2. You prefer to have a lame date with them

If you can prefer to go on a sober date with them rather than being with a happy go friend circle, you are on the right path.

1. You complement each other

This is an instant sign of you being in the right company. If you complement each other, romance will always follow.

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