12 Tips To Help Your Shoes Last Longer

Shoes are a part of our daily life. Not a single day is spent not wearing these. Still we do not make much effort to care for them and as a result they wear out sooner than they should have. Below are listed some worthy tips that will help your shoes last longer and ensure that you relish wearing the same.

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12. Use a Moisturizer

Develop the habit of using moisturizer for your leather shoes. This helps in prevention of cracks in your shoes and also prevents the same from other natural damages which otherwise could evolve with time.

11. Buff and shine

If you thought that polishing the shoes was enough for making them last longer, you are probably wrong. You should instead buff dry with a clean piece of cloth every time you polish the shoe.

10. Always use a shoehorn

It often happens that your foot does not fit effortlessly into the shoe every time you tie laces. Do not apply pressure when you need to fit in your feet. Instead use a shoehorn and help your feet slip in smoothly.

storing shoes, shoe storage9. Safe storage

It also happens that the shoes are stored in the wrong place. This too adds to the wearing out of the shoe. Ensure that the shoe is stored in a shoe rack which is always well placed in a clean place away from dust and direct sunlight.

8. Repair often

It also happens that we do not care for the shoe unless something goes wrong with it. This instinct should be avoided and any minor scrap should be tendered to immediately. If you wear torn shoes, not only does it degrade your personality but also lessens the life of the shoe.

7. Spray it with water repellent

You should use water repellent to protect the shoes in the long run. This is especially important when the winter season sets in. You should also wash off any salt that gets into the shoes as it does stain your shoes.

6. Stuff them with newspaper

Stuffing newspaper in your shoes has some added advantage. Any odour that sets in the shoes gets eroded if the shoes are stuffed with newspaper. In addition any dry rot is also prevented and shape of the shoe is also maintained.

5. Never use washing machine

Always scrub the canvas shoes with hand and never use washing machine for cleaning off your shoes. Scrub the shoe hard with your hand and the dust will never return.

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4. Protect the soles

Soles often bear the brunt of the ups and downs that go into a shoe. If and when the sole of the shoe wears out ensure that you get proper repair well in time, else the shoe is likely to wear off soon.

3. Buy quality shoes

Investing in quality always pays and this applies to your shoes too. If you buy quality shoes they are likely to last long and will therefore save a lot of money in the long run.

2. Polish them regularly

Polish adds life to your shoe. Make it a habit to polish them on daily basis and you will be admired by one and all. The shoe will naturally last longer.

1. Wash off weekly

Sports shoes should be washed off on a weekly basis. This will not only keep them new but will also add charm to your personality. Everyone around will admire you for the cleanliness and the shoe will stay good for long.


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