12 Tiny Things That Are Important To Every Woman

Every woman has her own preferences when it comes to small things. However, there are certain tiny things which are of importance to every woman. Below we list some of these so that next time you head outdoors, you are well prepared.

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12. Hand Sanitizer

You will find this with most of the women. Be it wiping the dirt after using grocery cart at store or sneezing at their own hand, hand sanitizer is an important thing in a woman’s life.

11. Safety Pins

This is one important tiny thing that can play multiple roles. Replacing a missing button will become easy with safety pin in case you are caught in some emergency situation and a safety pin can save you from all the embarrassment.

10. Hair bands

You might need to pull back your hair and tie them together in case you are doing some important work. A hair band will do the trick perfectly for you.

9. Aspirin

Headache can come any moment but if you have some aspirin handy, the problem can be controlled and you can carry on with normal work schedule.

8. Notebook and pen

Keep these both items handy as you might need to pen down some numbers or names, once the phone rings suddenly.

7. Lighter

You might need to light up a candle if there is a sudden power shutdown. Keep a lighter handy and your problem will be solved to a great extent.

6. Loose cash

Always keep some loose change handy as you might the same for bus or cab fare and getting change for a $100 note will prove a tough task otherwise.

5. Small mirror

Need to fine tune your makeup in a party? A small mirror will come handy in any such situation where otherwise you could be stuck up.

4. Sanitary Pad

Keep a sanitary pad handy as you might run out of the same in nick of time and having an emergency backup will surely help in critical times.

3. Mint Gums

Keep some in your purse as a mouth freshener might be required if you are heading outdoors for a party or picnic.

2. Snacks

Keep some healthy snacks handy as you might feel hungry in the middle of a meeting or presentation.

1. Lipstick or Lip Gloss

It will take you only a moment to get dressed up if you have a lipstick or lip gloss handy when outdoors.

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