12 Things Your Boyfriend Wants To Ask On Your First Date

Are you going on your first date? As nervous as you might be, the guy whom you are dating also has many questions and queries that he would like to ask you.

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12. Add you on their Facebook

Your boyfriend would like to add you on their Facebook account as a friend. This would be a good way for them to keep updated on your developments in personal life.

11. Your plans for second date

Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend asks you out for the second date too on the first date itself.

10. Meet your friends and family

Your boyfriend could seek your permission to meet your family and friends too on the first date.

9. Wish to see you without makeup

He could ask you on how you look without makeup, even though you might have put on the best makeup.

8. Ask your plans on having kids

He could ask you on your plans for having kids in the future and if you preferred having boy or girl as your first baby.

7. Your professional aspirations

Do not be surprised if the guy asks you on your professional aspirations and also on your future professional goals.

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6. Would ask you for a drink

In case your boyfriend drinks occasionally, he could well ask about your preferences on having a drink at that time or on a later date.

5. Could ask you about your past relationships

The guy might ask you about any of your past relationships. Do not be surprised if the topic comes out in your first date.

4. Your interest in having physical relation

Times have changed and so have the interests on the present generation. Long term commitments are something which seemed to have vanished. In such a scenario, it is not surprising if the guy asks for having a physical relationship in the first date itself.

3. Compliment your looks

This is something which is likely to happen naturally. The guy is sure to complement you on your looks and the way you carry yourself.

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2. Your interest level in him

The guy would also like to see if you are genuinely interested in him. Those who might be seeking a long term relation will definitely stress on this point.

1. Your interest in his career choices

He would be interested in your professional aspirations but will definitely want to know about your interest in his career goals.

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