12 Problems You Might Be Facing If You Are Dating A Shy Guy

Dating a shy guy comes with under the huge list of dating problems one has to face. Though such people might have ample love and respect for you, the expression of the same is a big problem. Some of the key problems which you might face while dating a shy guy can be as

12. He will remain quiet

When two people who are in love meet they talk and discuss a lot. The problem with a shy guy would be that he will remain quiet most of the time. It will be only you who will be doing all the talking most of the time.

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11. He will not talk with your parents

You might like him to meet your parents more often. Even if he agrees to the same, he will be quiet most of the time. It could be a challenge for you to convince your parents that you are dating the right guy.

10. He can make you feel nervous

During social gatherings and events it is often required for a person to be pro active and show interest in others. However, if you are dating a shy guy, he can make you feel nervous will his silence and might be oblivious to the surroundings.

9. He might feel confused on his looks

Since shy people do not talk much, the guy whom you are dating might feel confused on his dressing sense and looks, especially in a social event or a birthday party. It would be a great challenge for you to convince him that all is fine with his looks and dressing sense.

8. He would not spend much time with you

Any relationship requires time and commitment on part of people who are in love. The problem with a shy guy is that he will not spend much time with you and will find excuses to remain away from you and be at home.

7. His body language will not reveal much

Shy people have a body posture that will remain same most of the time. It will be difficult for you to judge by his body posture on what could be going in his mind.

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6. He would not be much interested in knowing about you

Though the guy might be in love with you, he will not show much interest in knowing about you. It is only you who would have to make the effort to let him know about you and understand you in a better manner.

5. He would not be interested in going on a date

Surprisingly, a shy guy will not like to go on a date with you and it will require effort on your part to convince him to go on a date with you.

4. Flirting will be a problem

Lovers also flirt at times with each other. However, when you are dating a shy guy flirting with each other could be a rare possibility.

3. He will be nervous

Nervousness is a key trait that most shy guys have. It will need much patience on your part to help him overcome this trait.

Flirting, flirting is a problem

2. You cannot pressurise him

Sometimes you would need to go to a movie or an event but the guy is least interested. The problem with a shy guy is that it is next to impossible to pressurise him to toe your line.

1. Difficult to find his comfort zone

Each one of us has our own distinct comfort zone. However, it will be a rare possibility for you to find his comfort zone as shy people talk little.

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