12 Insane Facts That You Must Know

The world is full of unique ideas concepts and ideas. There are some amazing and insane ideas that keep coming up on a regular basis. Amaze yourself to some of these insane facts that we list below.

12. An Australian man tried to sell New Zealand

An Australian man tried to sell New Zealand in 2006 on eBay. The price pegged to $3,000 but eBay took a note and halted the process.

11. Civil war stopped for a match

Nigerian civil was halted for two days in 1967 as both the sides wanted to watch an exhibition match being played by Pele.

Civil war

10. People are born without wisdom tooth

Often people try to show intelligence and are sometimes intelligent too. You will be amazed to know that around 35 percent people are born without wisdom tooth and yet have all the wisdom.

9. Mail cats delivered letters

If you thought that mail was only delivered with help of pigeons in earlier days, you perhaps need to read history. In 1870’s a village in Belgium tried a unique idea in which mail cats were trained to carry official mail. The idea however did not work.

8. People dream in black and white

Have you ever wondered if you dream in colour? Research shows that around 12 percent of people dream in black and white.

7. People follow unusual omens

People across the world follow unusual omens. In Japan it is considered lucky if a sumo wrestler makes your baby cry.

6. Origin of Baby Carrots

Have you ever thought from where baby carrots came? Don’t stretch your mind too much. They came from ugly carrots.

5. Milk cartons will change colours

In Switzerland designers are working on milk cartons that will change colour as they near the expiration date. You will be able to know just by looking at the carton colour if the milk is old enough.

4. Knitting a scarf while running

Susie Hewer from U.K knitted a scarf while running a marathon. The scarf was five feet, two inches long.

knitting while running, knitting

3. FBI investigated lyrics of a song

If you thought that FBI was only engaged in criminal proceedings, you are highly mistaken. FBI once investigated “Louie Louie” lyrics as it thought that the same were not appropriate. The fun part was that the investigation was dropped as the agency could not make out the words.

2. Male Criminals unusual habits

Ever thought that what the male criminals do in prison? They dance to tunes of new songs to impress other inmates in their cell.

1. World’s shortest flight

Can you guess the duration of world’s shortest flight?

This flight covered only a mile in Scotland’s Orkney Islands and lasted only 47 seconds.

Shortest flight


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