12 Hilarious Excuses For Those Who Don’t Want To Go To Work On Monday

Only the lucky ones head to the office on a Monday morning with a smile. The rest wished that it was better if there was no Monday. Such people would always come up with hilarious excuses to take a day off. Below we list some of these excuses, see for yourself if you are among those who make such excuses.

12. Trousers split while on way to office

One of the most hilarious excuses to skip work on Monday morning would be to say that your trousers split on the way to office. Panic

11. Need to perform sting on my husband

Another excuse would be to say that you doubt that your husband might be having a secret affair and you need to perform a sting operation on him.

10. Dog drank beer, have to care for him

The beer that was leftover after the Sunday party was drunk by my dog and I need to take it to the vet.

9. Today is a bad day to step out

Some people might come up with an excuse that Monday would be a bad day for them to step out.

having a bad day

8. I have got a sponsored vacation

People who do not wish to head out on a Monday morning might say that since they have got a full sponsored vacation, it would not be possible for them to go to office.

7. Vehicle broke down and no one offered lift

Since the vehicle broke down on way to work and no one offered lift, it was not possible to report for work.

6. Woke up and thought it was a Sunday

I woke up and though that since it was Sunday, I dozed off again.

oh shit

5. Arrested because of mistaken identity

Since I was arrested in a mistaken identity case, it took a whole day to clarify and get out of the situation.

4. I was too drunk

The party lasted long on Sunday and I was not able to get up on time on Monday.

3. The alarm clock did not work

The alarm that I put on for Monday did not work somehow and I was not able to get up on time.

Alarm clock didn't work

2. Weather forecast was otherwise

The weather forecast for Monday was of rain and thundershower and I thought it best to rest at home.

1. Broke my iPhone and had a breakdown

While on the way to office, my iPhone slipped somehow and I was not able to come to the office.

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