11 Tips That Will Make Flirting Much Better

move on

Few people are born flirts they have that charm while few are not that fortunate. In case you belong to the second category, then these below tips are for you.

1. No Arrogance..Only Confidence

You have to make them feel special and there is a way to do that. Express your feelings with confidence but hiding your arrogance behind. Do not mix these two feelings as there is a minute line between arrogance and confidence.

show your confidence, no arrogance


2. Don’t look desperate, Stay cool

You might be desperate from inside but do let it come on your face. Stay cool and try with full cool energy. It works that ways, you see!

stay cool


3. Eye contact should be really strong

Look straight in their eyes, that’s another way to letting them know that you are truly interested in them and are giving complete attention.

good eye contact, eye contact


4. Look cheerful

Happy face attracts more. Look cheerful, that will surely win their heart.

look cheerful, smile, laugh, be cheerful


5. Make them comfortable in talking

One of the best ways of making them comfortable is by letting them talk as much as they want. If you let them speak, there are chances for you to get the green card sooner.

make them talk, listen to them


6. Compliment them

Throwing more and more compliments will lead to impressing them. This will clearly show how much interested you are in getting along with them. Just keep giving compliments at most of the situations and be there to make them blush.

compliment them, make them blush, keep giving compliments


7. A slight touch

A slight touch of hands or arm will again express your emotion of flirting to them. But be careful, it should be a “Slight Touch” only.

slight touch

8. Show your styles

Your body language will do much of your task. The way you will carry yourself in front of them will increase your chances of being with them. Show some style in the way you stand and hold your wine glass. 90% of your job will be done by it only.

show your style


9. Be prepared for rejection

May be they are not just your type and you get rejected. No worries. Rejections too take you one step further many times.

be ready for rejections


10. Leave them desperate for you

Move on and trust this that this moving on is working for you in their mind. You will always remain in their hearts. You never know when these thoughts make them so desperate to make them run after you. It happens in the real world!

let them get desperate


11. Move on to the next one

Options are not less sweetheart! Another is already waiting for you.

move on

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