11 Things Men Find Totally Unattractive

Men have their own choices when it comes to finding the perfectness in their woman. Unaware to the girl in their life, the men have their own preferences and can behave in an unexpected manner at times.

1. Excess Makeup

While the women might think that having an overdose of makeup will make heads turn, the truth is otherwise. Men like women who are simply dresses and do not overdo things. A simple foundation will work but excess of makeup is something which is not advised.

excess makeup

2. Women who have big and fake lips

Men do like women who have natural lips but find women with big and fake lips unattractive. Instead girls who decide to be natural find favour with men.

3. When women get too drunk

Though men will never mind women getting drunk in the normal course but if they overdo things and get drunk beyond a limit, they lose their feminine side and behave in an awkward manner. This makes them unpopular and men tend to avoid such women.

4. Long and pointed nails

Many women consider long and pointed nails as a fashion statement. Even celebrities are no exception to it. However, it is true that men do not admire their woman to have long and pointy nails. Instead, those with natural nails find favour with them.


5. Greasy Hair

The girl might have good looks but those with greasy and unwashed hair do not find favour with men. They like their woman to be simple and have nicely washed hair.

6. Girls who smoke

Though men love smoking and many of them do so but they when it comes to woman in their life, they want a woman who does not smoke. Many men who smoke did agree that they always wanted a woman in their life who never smoked.

7. Use of too much Perfume

An overdose of perfume is something that makes the men turn their heads away. While women might think that men like an overdose of perfume, the reality is otherwise. Similar is the case with cheap perfume and these too make the men run away.

8. Big Sunglasses

This is one thing that men don’t like and women love the most. Men think that these large glasses hide the face and expressions of the woman. This creates a gap between both and they tend to move away from each other.

women wearing big sunglasses

9. When women seek extra attention

It is true that men want their personal space howsoever might they be attached to their woman. In such cases, the woman wants extra attention and men always try to run away from such situations.

10. Men dislike women with pessimistic approach

Women do have their mood swings. It is natural that no one can be in a happy mood always. However, men do not like women who do not have positive outlook for life. Women who have a pessimistic approach are the ones whom the men will avoid in all likelihood.

11. Too much dependent women

While women at times get dependent on the men in their lives, the truth is that men want their woman to be independent in life, least they have to suffer in case of some emergency.

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