11 Strange Must Visit Places

Strangest Places on Earth - Waitomo Glowworm Caves

For any adventure loving person, travel to a new location is always a challenge. However, there are certain places which can be considered among strangest places on Earth and deserve a visit. Below we list some of these which should be on your wish list.

11. Loch NessStrangest Places on Earth - Loch Ness

This eerie lake is located in Scottish Highlands and is 755 feet deep at its greatest point. It is 21.8 miles long and is certainly among places you should visit.

10. The WaveStrangest Places on Earth - The Wave

Another among strangest places on Earth is The Wave, a wavelike sandstone rock formation in Arizona. It is thought to be in existence since the Jurassic period.

9. StonehengeStrangest Places on Earth - Stonehenge

Located in Salisbury in England, Stonehenge could well be an ancient burial ground or a landing site for UFO. The structure is 5,000 years old and has no particular reference about its origin.

8. Cano CristalesStrangest Places on Earth - Cano Cristales

This can be considered as world’s most extraordinary river, when it comes to color. The red blossom is interrupted by contrasting patches of yellow, green and aqua white which make it unique in true sense.

7. Bermuda TriangleStrangest Places on Earth - Bermuda Triangle

This mystical place is considered among strangest places on Earth and is located between Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The place has seen many ship wrecks and air crashes and none of these could ever be explained.

6. The Nazca LinesStrangest Places on Earth - The Nazca Lines

The site in Peru created in 500 BC is an depiction of array of monkeys, animals, flowers and spiders. Some link them to constellations but nothing can be said with certainty.

5. Salar deUyuniStrangest Places on Earth - Salar deUyuni

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is home to biggest of the salt flat. The length is 10,582 sq km and you can well walk over this crystal surface with ease.

4. Waitomo Glowworm CavesStrangest Places on Earth - Waitomo Glowworm Caves

The glow worms are found in these caves in New Zealand in thousands and cast their light to the extent that tourists can move around comfortably in these dark caves.

3. Area 51Strangest Places on Earth - Area 51

This notorious site in Nevada in United States is among strangest places on Earth. A UFO crash occurred here in 1947 and bodies of aliens have reportedly been hidden in a secret military lab here.

2. Badab-e-SurtStrangest Places on Earth - Badab-e-Surt

This unique effect of flowing water in Iran was created by a sedimentary rock and the combination is very unique as orange, red and yellow colored pools have been formed here.

1. Marieta Island’s Hidden BeachStrangest Places on Earth - Marieta Island’s Hidden Beach

This phenomenal beach is located near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The volcanic activity here has created a unique ecosystem which deep sea swimmers from across the globe love to explore.

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