11 Signs That Prove You Stuck In A Wrong Job

Passion and profession do not meet often and most of us end up in jobs which we rarely enjoy. If you are stuck in a similar situation, you are likely to identify with the points listed below.

wrong job

11. You take interest in other tasks

If you are stuck in a wrong job, you are likely to take more interest in random task rather than concentrating on your work.

10. Your web browser will always have links of job sites

The grass always seems greener on the other side and your computer will have links and web addresses of numerous companies and job websites.

9. Your surroundings will make you sick

Instead of being motivated by ambiance of your office, you will feel sick of the scenario and will find ways to run away from your office.

8. You are thinking about lunch time

You keep thinking about the lunch time and will ask others about their plans for the lunch and the food they have brought for the lunch.

7. You take frequent breaks

You tend to take frequent breaks from work and keep roaming on work stations of your colleagues, often distracting them.

6. You cannot wait to go home

You are always excited to go home and you cannot wait to go home. If you are stuck in the wrong job, you will always be looking for running home, a bit earlier.

5. Getting ready for work is always a struggle

You will always feel burdened by the thought of going to office and work will always be a struggle for you.

4. Weekend will be a welcome break

Weekend will always give you a momentary break and you will feel joyful about having a break from the hectic work schedule.

3. You will keep checking your CV

If you are stuck in a wrong job, you will always have the habit of checking and updating your CV, even if it is not required.

2. You will always aspire for a new office

You are likely to discuss with your colleagues on your wish to be part of a new office and more vibrant work ambiance. You will always want to do new things and experiment more often, but not in your present office.

1. You will think of learning new skills

You will think about learning new skills and explore new vistas of opportunities but will never apply your learning in your present work profile.

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