11 Interesting Baseball Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

Consider yourself to be a baseball fan? There are some amazing facts which you must not be aware of as a baseball fan. Read through to know more and understand the game better.

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11. Foul Lines Were Infinitely Longer

As there were no foul poles in existence, runs which went past the fields and landed in foul territory were considered to be foul balls. Babe Ruth who was a popular baseball player also lost 31 home runs in this manner.

10. Homers were bit different

Until 1930, it was considered to be a home run if the ball was bounced and it did go over outfield wall. It is now however considered to be a double.

9. Triples are rare

It is interesting indeed that by 1990 twins had two triple plays and that too in the same game.

8. A man recorded hit for two distinct teams in different cities

Joel Youngblood was playing for the Cubs and recorded a hit. He was however traded to the Expos mid-game. Interestingly, Expos were also playing in Philadelphia and Joel recorded a hit in that game too.

7. Dodgers and Cubs were a part of large trade

Cubs and Dodgers in 1957 traded 25 man farm team rosters to make things better for them.

6. All Star game in Astrodome was not normal

The all star game in Astrodome was not normal due to the fact that there were no RBIs in this game. This was incidentally first all star game that was played indoors.

5. An interesting salute to the hometown

Bill Voiselle had the 96 number dress not because he liked it, but due to the fact that he belonged to Ninety Six in South Carolina in United States.

4. The Moon Mission

Gaylord Perry who was a pitcher was not a good hitter and in 1962 his manager suspected that someone had to be sent to moon before Gaylord Perry regains his form. Interestingly, 20 minutes after Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon, Gaylord had a home run.

3. Won World Series MVP for a losing team

Yankees were good enough in 1960 but not good to have won the pennant. Despite the fact that Pirates won, Bobby Richardson was able to win MVP for his team.

2. A player played in 3 different World Series

One of the players, Don Baylor played for three different teams namely Red Sox, A’s and Twins during his career in different World Series. Of these three teams only the Twins was able to win the World Series.

1. The bases were run backward too

Jimmy Piresall had a home run and he did celebrate in an amusing manner. He did run the bases backwards and was fired for this stunt.



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