11 Confessions By Men About What Makes A Woman Attractive

attractive women

Men have their own perception when it comes to what makes a woman attractive. Below are listed some of the key considerations which men think make the woman in their life attractive.

attractive women

11. She should be in shape

Men always admire a woman if she is in good shape. It might need some workout at the gym but it is a fact that men always find those women attractive who are in shape.

10. Should not have too many modifications

Men like women who do not practice many modifications when it comes to their body. Less piercing and no tattoos are some of these.

9. Earn own money

Men would always welcome women who earn their own money are not dependent on them for meeting their daily expenses.

8. Have feminine qualities

Men always find those women attractive who have feminine qualities.

attractive women

7. Should be submissive

This does not exactly mean that the woman in her life should not have a voice of her own. However, men will admire a woman more if she agrees to his point of view and is submissive on topics of common interest.

6. Healthy sex life

A woman who has a healthy sex relationship with her partner is always admired and cared for by his partner.

5. Should be intelligent

Being intelligent is something which men will admire for the woman in their life. Intelligence always makes a person attractive and this applies to men and women.

4. Not being into family immediately

It is true that men always care for their woman but will find her more attractive if she does not commit herself immediately into family life post the marriage.

3. Being a good cook

Men always like their woman to be a good cook. Being good in cooking is related to attractiveness too as it complements the personality of a woman.

2. Is not engaged on the phone always

If an attractive woman is engaged on the phone most of the time, her elegance is somewhat lost in the commotion. Men will always want her partner to spend quality time with him instead of being hooked to the phone.

1. Going easy on makeup

Being their natural self is appreciated more rather than opting for makeup most of the while. If she goes easy on makeup the attractiveness is bound to increase.

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