11 Best Superheroes Of All Time!

We all have our own favorite superheroes, but here is a list of the most loved all time best superheroes!

11. Daredevilbest superheroes of all time - Daredevil

If Spider-man is the most loved marvel heroes ever, Daredevil is the unluckiest. He has been possessed by an actual demon; he has had 2 girlfriends who were killed by archenemy bull’s eye, one of which was linked to underworld. He has also been caught up by police and was taken to jail, and then the women he refused to marry went mad.  At last the worst of all, his life was made into a mediocre film.


10. Flash

best superheroes of all time - Flash

Barry Allen was recently reinstated by DC Comics, although other superheroes have taken the mantle over the years. He is the fastest man alive, he runs so fast that he can run across water or up buildings. He can even pass through solid objects by vibrating his molecules. He has a Cosmic Treadmill installed in his gym running on which enables him to time travel.


9. Green Lantern

best superheroes of all time - Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan is not only the person to have served as Green Lantern by DC Comics but he is certainly the most popular. He with his powerful will could acquire any shape or form by using his power ring and then beat up the bad boys.


8. Captain America

best superheroes of all time - Captain America

Captain America was a one man Nazi killing machine throughout World War II. The cover of Captain America’s first appearance had him punching Hitler square in the jaw. The death of Captain America hit the news a few years ago but the character rather than being killed outright was just sent through time and has come back to reclaim the shield since then.


7. Thor

best superheroes of all time - Thor

Thor is a god that has an indestructible hammer which only he can pick up and can summon lightning and thunder with it. He can also fly and a s shown in avengers he beats iron man and captain America. He is a god who is immortal and can’t be destroyed.


6. Spider-Man

best superheroes of all time - Spider-Man

Peter Parker although having spider powers also have to deal with a bunch of everyday problems from paying bills and managing his cash flow to looking after his poor aunt May.  Spider man became popular in the 1960s because he was so reliable, whatever may be going on in his life, he still manages to put on his Spidey suit and move out to hit on the bad guys cracking a few cheeky one-liners along the way.


5. Iron Man

best superheroes of all time - Iron Man

Iron Man is created by Stan Lee who was inspired by Howard Hughes. Tony Stark -the entrepreneur and CEO build himself a robotic suit of armor that protects him and give him special powers. He has made two movies but now Stark has lost and rebuilt his company many times in the comics but his bad habit his alcoholism, doesn’t wear the costumes even.


4. The Hulk

best superheroes of all time - The Hulk

The Hulk has always been seen as a bad guy, but at the end of the day it’s a story of a hero who is misunderstood who is just trying to save the day but his strength and low intelligence often result in a lot of damage. Bruce Banner tries to search for a cure of his situation, but he has only received hatred over the years.


3. Wolverine

best superheroes of all time - Wolverine

Wolverine may not be in the list of most powerful superheroes on the planet but he is considered to be the toughest and it is not easy to defeat him. He is pretty much indestructible as he is made of adamantium-coated skeleton, sharp claws and the power of healing again and again. He didn’t resisted standing against the Hulk in his first-ever appearance. He has recently regained his memory but it made him angrier.


2. Batman

best superheroes of all time - Batman

Batman is the only major superhero that doesn’t have any powers but his detective and martial-arts skills and his unrelenting war on crime make many super villains afraid of him. He is one of the first choices in comics’ galleries, cool gadgets and a cave hideout.


1. Superman

best superheroes of all time - superman

Superman was the first and the very powerful superhero that came into the picture. You won’t find any other character having all the strength, speed and various other powers. He is a very nice man and has grown up to protect the Earth.  Although some might not agree he being no.1 but he deserves this place as he introduced us to the superheroes world.

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